Saturday, January 26, 2013


I'm done with the MRI, and it wasn't bad. They scheduled me for a 30 minute scan. A baby by all standards. I still had to do the contrast dye (no biggie), but the sweet girl hit my vein on the first try. Yessss!! I had already fallen in love with her when she said, immediately upon meeting, "You look so young for your age!" As she glanced upon my chart and looked at my 32 years.

Anyway, Dan said I've been smiling non-stop (even though the official results won't be in our hands for a week or two) and I should take a picture. So here it is :)

I haven't been in many pictures lately. I like to avoid or if I do, I'm never pleased. I need to get over myself. Here goes nothing...


  1. You look beautiful as usual! Will wait for results, praying for you, You are an amazing child of God, He really created a jewel in you! Beauty and brains, you are awesome. You are strong and determined, and dedicated, the winning combination. That's it in a nutshell, you are a winner!!!

  2. Well done! You look lovely - keep smiling and enjoy the weekend x

  3. You look great! Keep up the smiling. Jessica

  4. Seriously?! You're like the most photogenic person I know!!! If I had your face I'd be posting pics of my smiling self all over the internet.
    PS- Isla kissed your picture. :)

  5. You're one of few people I know who come out of the MRI saying it wasn't that bad. I remember when my wife had her first; she couldn't sleep properly for 3 days before the exam and came out looking pale as a ghost after. I've read some of your posts and wanted to wish you all the best with your treatments. Keep smiling, Jessica!


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