Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cleaning Up The System

After the MRI Dan and I splurged with pizza and wine with family, it was delicious! The next morning I recognized the difference in how my body felt. So, to clean up my system, I've been eating a vegetable, and fruit diet. Lots of green drinks :) and lots of supplements :) and lots of water.

My system gets pretty upset when I eat bad food or drink alcohol. It's weird. My body used to love wine and bread and cheese, but now it's giving me attitude. I keep trying from time to time, but the verdict is pretty clear. Good thing I never give up! :)

As for the comments on the blog, unless you include your email address, I can not respond privately. At least, I don't know how to...sorry about that!

I still haven't heard back from Dr Liau about the MRI results. I'm not sure if she will email me or if it will come via hard mail from UCLA. Either way I feel pretty content with how life is going. I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't freaking out about $$$ for treatments (I'm not sure if I'm saying that correctly - I'm no good with double negatives anymore), but since you have all helped so much with the various fundraisers, we should be able to get through April or May, and soon after that we should have the various fruit seasons...hopefully Dan and I can do the fruit sales in West Seattle and Friday Harbor, perhaps even Green Lake. I'm really excited at the prospect. It will be fun to have a weekend job for a bit :) busy hands are definitely happy hands.


  1. Keep up the good work with those green drinks. I can tell I feel a lot better when I have my green drink but lately I've been so busy that I haven't been a good girl about making them. Need to get inspired and back into my routine. Take care! Jessica

  2. Have faith not only in yourself and your healing... but have faith in your financial situation Jess. Know it will all work out.

  3. Mmmm pizza or green drinks - i know what i prefer but agree your body cannot handle that junk but hey i bet it tasted nice at the time!!! I'm currently being bad and having a glass of wine - i have my mri on monday to see how much my tumour has grown and then decision time with the doctors so hey a little wine to calm the nerves cant be bad!!!! Enjoy your weekend Jess i'm so glad i found your blog its been such a help to me xx

  4. You are inspiring me to eat healthy and ready to start juicing. We all should be taking good care of our health and not take it for granted. Thank you for setting the example! I hope all who read this understand what you are saying, and take heed. In your honor, I for one, promise to do better!!

  5. Jess - you are truly amazing. Don't waste energy on worrying about money. We just purchased a copy of your print Hope. It will help inspire me as I work my way through my own troubles. I know it will bring me courage.

    Prints are are available on etsy. Just search for hope for Jess. Very nicely done Jess - like all things you do.


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