Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I'm back home, and have been recovering since Saturday afternoon. I'm still pooped, trying to get back to a normal schedule. Mostly, I sleep during the afternoon, wake up and wander around the house in the late evening, then sleep in the late morning. I've slept one amazing seven hour spurt, but the average has been five hour increments. It's not great. I'm incredibly grateful that I'm able to sleep as much as I can, whenever I can.

I was able to make the trip without any seizures, and I'm resting as much as humanly possible right now so that I won't have any problems in the near future. When I came back from Poland a year and a half ago, I didn't rest, pushed myself too hard, drank too much coffee, and endured my grand mal seizure. I will never be that frivolous again. Although I never want to miss out, I know my limitations :) I hate the reality of my condition, but I know that my body will win if I put up a fight. It's better to just relax, and roll with the punches.

Speaking of punches, this Saturday is my first MRI since being released from the hospital from surgery. Since my MRI scan and report are sent directly to Dr Liau, I'm able to have the appointment on a Saturday. How fun is that! Now Dan doesn't need to take time off of work. I'm excited to not have to meet with any UW doctors. I won't have to fight to avoid radiation. I won't be manhandled. It's such a relief! I'm still nervous for the results, but the tumor is something we have to monitor, so of all the scenarios, this one is the best.

Lets hope that the MRI shows a vacancy in Hermie's hood!


  1. Happy you are home safe and snuggled down in your own bed! R&R sounds good to me. When you have time could you give a short wrap up on what the treatment does and the timeline for us lay people. I do not want to miss any of the milestones:) Please know there are lots of people praying for you, and God hears all of these prayers!!!!!

  2. Welcome home love, thrilled you made it back safe and sound. You are so smart to rest, let me know when you are up and ready to run or walk like a little bear exiting hibernation. xoxox, MF.

  3. You're on the way....keep it up! :)
    Love ya,
    Ian & Josie

  4. Hi

    Just wanted to thank you - i have just been diagnosed with a tumour and have spent last night and most of today reading your blog and realising i'm not alone. Your posts have had me laughing,crying and thinking god shes as nuts as me!!! Look after yourself and remember be kind to yourself x


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