Thursday, July 20, 2017

Current MRI Results

Last night we got news that my MRI scan (taken a week and a half ago) showed stable results. There's scar tissue, which is to be expected, but because of the fabulous pathology from surgery, and these results, they are not necessarily pushing radiation and chemo at this point. Yay!!!

My next MRI will be in three months, which means I'm safe to heal and continue to recover from surgery, and have some fun!

I've resorted to using my left hand for most things, and my handwriting is atrocious, but I am having so much fun focusing on what I CAN do, rather than what I can't.

When my lymphs started retreating after two weeks of antibiotics, my GP prescribed 4 more for a total of a month and a half. I'm about halfway through and these little nuggets are clearing up! So, maybe this ISN'T some sort of new cancer. Thanks for putting that in my head, Mrs Ear, Neck & Throat Dr.

When I spoke to my neurosurgeon last night about the MRI results, we also discussed the enlarged lymph nodes, and the antibiotics, then she told me about a recent patient who she had to operate on because of a brain abscess. The patient had previously undergone a craniotomy years prior. Point is, the abscess was from a severe long term sinus infection. Wait, what? That can happen!?

It looks like people who have undergone brain surgeries have increased chance of sinus infections. What if I wouldn't have read that report and asked for antibiotics? I was seriously headed for a brain abscess! Frick, that's terrifying!!! I seriously love my brain surgeon, but I DO NOT want to do another brain surgery ever again.

The swelling in the lymphs has not completely resolved, but the fact that they're abating, is huge! As my surgeon, and GP point out, lymphomas do not get smaller with antibiotics. I am so grateful that I dug deeper, that I didn't shutdown when the ENT doc cavalierly threw around the word "cancer". I hope this infection continues to resolve, and that this turns out to be a cautionary tale about personal advocacy and ownership. I wish we didn't have to work this hard to find answers, and heal our bodies, to protect our health, but no one knows your body like you do. And no one has as such a vested interest, that's for sure.

Feet in the sand today, was like coming up for air.

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