Monday, January 14, 2013

Fourth Germany Update

So ever since my first hyperthermia on Friday, I've been experiencing an ongoing headache. I thought that maybe it was an effect of the immunotherapy shot. When we checked into the appointment yesterday for my next hyperthermia, I mentioned the headaches. The nurse gave a concerned look and called Dr Germany. One of the side effects of hyperthermia can be edema (swelling) and it looks like that's what I'm dealing with. They canceled my hyperthermia, but still gave me my immunotherapy shot. I've been feeling pretty off so Green walked me back to the hotel and we put me back to bed.

My body is exceedingly exhausted from all the travel, and all of the procedures. My sleep patterns are all messed up - in fact it's three in the morning. When I finish this post I will take two Advil PMs and see if I can knock myself out.

The headaches have been very bad, but I didn't really want to write about them and complain. I should be honest though so that people who may want to try these treatments can have my account and have all the information.

I have also been taking high doses of boswellic acid that Dr Germany prescribed. It's an anti-inflammatory. It's much more concentrated than I can get in the states. I stopped taking those pills yesterday afternoon as well. I'm trying to pinpoint exactly what's making me feel so sick. I keep having to remind myself that it hasn't even been three months since my brain surgery. I need to be careful and listen to my body. My body feels dangerously close to having a seizure, a feeling that has hovered lately in my cells. I feel bad for Green because I spend most of the days in bed. I've missed dinner at least three days because I was unwell, and sleeping. I'm really grateful that she's comfortable eating alone.

Ok. Time for me to pop some pills and try and get more sleep. Below is the bed that you do hyperthermia do, it's a waterbed, and that half bubble thing goes on your head. I was all ready to go yesterday. Oh well.


  1. Every road we travel has bumps and potholes, we keep going. It sounds like you have hit a few recently. It's ok, it is not a sinkhole or a road block, just a temporary slow down. Your little body has been through a lot, and is just telling you in no uncertain terms. I am so glad you recognize changes, and let the doctors help, good team work! We are all reading your posts and cheering you on, waiting for each new step forward. We also must realize, patience is needed (darn it!), and deal with each bump as they come, looking forward to putting them in our rear view mirror. Sending you love, and blessings, and praying for you!!! <3

  2. Honey, we'd love to hear your voice. Please call your Pops cell number collect. hugs and love forever mom

  3. Keep going! And I think Green (she needs a Seahawks jersey or something with Green on the back) is more than happy to help you heal. You are inspiring, Jess!! Many hugs, and sleep when you can.

  4. Isla saw your picture on the computer and gave it a kiss. She was just talking about the pretty painting that auntie Jessie made.

  5. Prayers continue!
    Love and hugs,
    Rich and Andre


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