Monday, February 4, 2013

San Juan Island Marathon

I have exciting news...I just finished talking to Dan and after getting the green light, I have decided to train and attend the Kings Market San Juan Island half marathon on Sunday June 16th. I'm so excited!!!

I am so incredibly thrilled to have a new goal. I can't wait to match my longest run, only this time it will be 8 months after a brain surgery. Depending on the schedule of shots, I may have to get a shot in the days before or just after the race, I won't know for sure until May. Either way, if I'm tired, I figure I will walk if I don't feel well :)

I've already worked out the training schedule and I will be able to train during the day, during the week. This is going to be so fun!! I'm shifting the schedule so that my runs start on Monday and my long run is on Friday.

If anyone is interested in joining, I always love to see smiling faces. This is going to be a great accomplishment. And I can't wait to have it happen in my home town :)

I have this planned so that I can run in the morning then nap in the afternoon. I don't want to jinx myself, but it seems to be the perfect plan! Woooo hoooo!


  1. Yeehaw, the Jess express is back on track! Maybe someone reading this can think of a way to turn this into a fundraiser??? xxoo

  2. Wowzas Jess! Go Jess, go! Anonymous is right! Let's turn this into one heck of a fundraiser! We are going to put our thinking caps on asap.

    Big love from NYC!!!

    Steph and John xoxo

  3. I sooo want to do this with you!! Go Jess!!

  4. Jess, what an awesome goal! You just keep teeing up the challenges and knocking them out of the park! I would love to run with you in FH. I will be napping in the afternoon too ;) I love you bunches and can't wait to celebrate in person your great resection results! Xoxo Lorraine


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