Friday, February 22, 2013


There are a lot of vices that I could choose when I feel sad about my diagnosis, about my limitations. And at times in my life, in other situations, I have made destructive decisions - and still do, I guess, in very minor ways (a candy, or "extra" wine).

I can not do everything I used to do. Yes, that makes me sad. There is no way around that disappointment. But, what I can do is find my strengths. When I am feeling less than, or inferior, to my old self, I am the only one who can fix it. Wine, sweets, sourdough bread, prettier hair, less wrinkles, nothing is going to make me feel better than feeling CAPABLE.

I just ran 7.6 miles at an 8.9 minute mile I can't do everything, but I am still strong. I am still evolving, healing, and persevering. I am happy to be moving forward. And, ultimately, that's really all I can ask for :)

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  1. You inspire me to get moving! I can't run anymore, but can walk. I think you are right when you say capable, we are! Reasonable expectations are a must, positive attitude, another must. You are showing all of us about willpower and resolve, thank you. Looking at what you can do is so important, again thank you for the reminder...


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