Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NYC - 2nd Shot

Christel and I are relaxing in our spacious, upgraded, room. (How does this keep happening to me?) We even had my friends from NYC send a town car to pick us up at the airport. Thank you Steph & John!!

We are enjoying ourselves, lounging on our beds, pooped from laughing (no pun intended) after we barely survived the flight. We were pinned between a man in the seat in front of us with MAJOR flatulence, and the bathrooms which were directly behind us. I'm so glad THAT'S over :)

Time to relax. I'm so excited for my shot tomorrow!! Woo hooooo


  1. Your post just made me laugh out loud! Glad you got upgraded but sorry about the rouge, rude airplane farts and seat assignment. :-)

  2. Can't stop laughing! Another thing to be grateful for, I have not experienced "RAF's"!!! God bless you and keep you and drench you with His healing power...

  3. Darn "RAFs"!!! It was SO amazing to spend time with you and Christel. Hope you are resting up today. Safe travels back!

    xo John and Steph

  4. Saw this article posted on FB about farting on planes, made me think of you. haha. ~Nicole


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