Monday, July 28, 2014

The Issue of Supplements During Treatment

The information about whether or not to take supplements during treatment is confusing. The vast majority of oncologists say to avoid all supplements, especially anti-oxidants, during treatments, but I think that's a shortsighted stance. There's a plethora of research studies showing the benefits (and sometimes the downfalls) of adding a few supplements to your protocol. There are many oncologists that are anti-supplementation, but then there are lots of cancer nutritionists, and other alternative specialists who are pro-supplementaton during treatments. Not knowing who to trust, we often end up avoiding healthy supplements that can act synergistically with our radiation/chemo/etc., or we pick the wrong supplements which can lessen the cancer killing effect of the treatment. But how do we know what to do? Who do we trust? We don't have the time, or often the brain power, to sift through everything when we're dealing with a new diagnosis, or the progression of disease. That's why I was very excited to see that Ben Williams, Ph.D. updated his research on the issue of supplements during cancer treatment. You may recognize Ben Williams, Ph.D. as a glioblastoma fighter who wrote the book, Surviving "Terminal" Cancer. He's an incredible resource who is very active in the brain tumor world. This guy knows his stuff. His paper is 42 pages, which may seem overwhelming at first, but when dealing with such a complex issue you really do want exhaustive information. This is truly a fabulous resource. You can access the document below, just click. Enjoy.

The Role of Supplements (including Anti-Oxidants) in Cancer Treatment

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Glass Box

I hate saying this. I hate that this is the situation; that this is how I feel. But, this is a tumor blog and it's where I go to share my journey, so here goes nothing....

Tonight I went to a couples baby shower. It was at an understated, yet trendy bar full of friends. There was laughter, and hugs, and back slapping, and smiles. The celebration was for a specific husband and wife, but half of the women there were pregnant, so by default, it was a celebration for several along side. 

I got the chance to catch up with my beautiful friends, which was lovely, and yet painful. I even cried on the drive home, which is incredibly rare.

Throughout the evening, as I got caught up with people's lives, I couldn't help but notice the disparity between who I would be if I hadn't been diagnosed (a career, the ability to drive, financial stability, perhaps children). As I listened to people speak, with a smile on my face, I felt myself mourn for my old self. I mourned the person I could have been, of who I was on track to be.

I love watching my friends deliriously happy, so excited with their life's journey. But it's also confusing. It's uncomfortable that being around friends makes me both happy, filled with joy, and yet regretful, deeply saddened. I hate that I feel that way.

Currently, I am stuck on a hamster wheel of treatments and won't be finished for years. My life is lived in 4 hour increments, and I should be thrilled by that luxury since it implies that I'm doing well. But it is also extremely taxing. I can handle the stress when I live in my bubble, when I bound around the house being silly with Dan, or off jogging with Emma. It's times when I'm social that hurt too much. That make me feel isolated within a crowd. I can't relate. It's as if I'm in the room, but surrounded by a clear glass box. Alone. This girl who used to be incredibly social, even labeled vivacious by some, has morphed into an introvert. A person more comfortable by herself.

I am very grateful to be alive, please don't get me wrong, but I don't know if I will ever get used to living in limbo. I am putting all of my energy into these treatments, all of our money, and energy, and if they don't work then I will have wasted precious time that I could have spent crossing stuff off of my (yet to be written) bucket list. 

I hate that I'm so self absorbed that I couldn't even completely enjoy such a special occassion. Lots of "hate" in this post. I hate that too.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Last Minute Cherry Sale (Short Window)

Sorry for the short notice, but I just received the call that cherries will be delivered to my house this Thursday (July 24th) and available to pick-up that day, or the following day, Friday (July 25th) any time. 

The cherries are by pre-order only and I need the numbers by the end of the night tonight. Here's the info:

Organic Bing Cherries
1 bag = 1.25 lb = $7.50

If you or some friends, or coworkers are interested, please send me your orders. You can pick them up at my house anytime Friday day, evening, or night. If you can't pick them up until Saturday, I'm sure we can work something out.

Thank you for the support, and I'm sorry this is such short notice!


PS Email me if you have questions or want to place an order. (