Monday, June 13, 2016

Abbreviated 18f-DOPA PET Results

It's a long story, and I'm pretty pooped, but here's a basic overview. The "scan was concerning for active disease". It really isn't the biggest deal, we'll be doing another MRI scan in four months to verify. There's still questions surrounding imaging possibly being effected by treatments - not necessarily likely, but can't be ruled out. We're trying to decide what our next step is (stopping treatment, skipping treatment, adding treatment, etc.). I'm surprisingly pleased with the results. It's not the best news, but it's relatively inconclusive. As our neurosurgeon says, "It's trending toward recurrence"(there are two "nodules" they're watching), but our NS can't say for sure. That's better than a definite answer. She wanted surgery, but we asked for a little more time. If the area is worse in October, we will revisit our options which include the usual suspects: surgery, radiation, chemo, or a combination. 

Apparently even my happy kitty socks couldn't save the day, but they made me and my TSA pat down lady happy, so there's that. Sorry that I won't be letting people know individually, but as you can imagine, it's overwhelming to reach out to all you lovely friends, I'd be on my phone for hours. I'm hoping to give a better explanation about the situation in the coming days.
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