Sunday, May 23, 2010

Progress is Found in Odd Places

I have a confession to make. I've been procrastinating about my homework and helpful tasks. Although, I'm counting some of my helpful tasks like right now as Danny is watching the season finally of Lost and I'm working on my blog. I figure that this is great practice trying to focus on an activity while there are distractions going on around me. See, I'm pretty good at reasoning to myself that I'm actually doing productive things!

I don't think I ever said the results of my testing from my speech therapist in Wenatchee. The most glaring score was for my attention span. On a median score of 100 I had a 42. Ouch. This is why I lose focus, and can't complete tasks. Even a ticking clock can confuse me, and lose my train of thought. It is such a joke because before my surgery I have always been juggling several things at time.

It is also why I am really horrible about emailing, and facebook and I'm really sorry about that! Sorry guys. And, while we're at it, I also apologize that I don't much use the phone. I've called my grandma once and I've talked to Kaal every several days but that's pretty much it. It is insanely hard to talk over the phone. I do pretty well when I do face-to-face communication, but it really limits things between my out of town friends. I hope every knows that I love you guys! It won't always be like this!

It's weird, writing the blog is so helpful for me to work on my vocabulary and organizing my thoughts, but it's almost like cheating because my blog writing is a lot better than my verbal communicating. In fact, I think my blog is vastly better than my off the cuff verbal communication. It's a pretty wild sensation or maybe I mean realization when can't get my words out. Maybe I don't know what word I want. I have that happen a lot.

Ok. Enough trying to work on distractions (Lost) and blogging. I feel good about the results! About a week ago I wouldn't have been able to do my blog with the TV or any distractions. Progress is found in odd places!


  1. Jessica:
    What a great surprise Saturday night seeing you and Danny heading into Ron's party. As I said" There is that great smile I have been waiting to see. I would say standing and talking to you and Danny were seriously the high light of the evening (this says allot being there was many other assume moments). Just for the record...I think your verbal skills are very good and I look forward to the next time we can chat! Does your Dad have any hair on the back side of his legs? He sure was hanging close to the fire Saturday night. I think it was for warmth but it may have been the smoke that attracted him. By the way I have figured how to spell check on this thing so it will be harder to find spelling mistakes you know.
    Keep smiling!!!!!!!!!!! In our prayers,
    Rich and Andre`

  2. Jessica,

    I really want you to know that you're a great writer. I hope that you never stop writing. I never read peoples blogs, but I'm addicted to yours. It is so real, so uncensored, so raw, so truthful, so beautiful, so powerful, so empowering. Honestly, there are SO many more people reading your blog that you'll ever know...because most of us readers are too scared to write comments. If only we all had as much courage as you do. You're doing great girl!

    Jess, I want to encourage you to drink MORE water than you'll ever think is possible. Take more fish-oils (as long as your doc says it's ok) and sleep more than you think you should. Really, please take is slow, your body and your brain will forever reward you for it. There are NO should's after what you've been through, so fight against "being productive" everyday. You're doing great, and you're doing enough, and so please don't pressure yourself (or cause stress for yourself)...I'm like you, I'm an over-productive person. But after being sick for 6 months last year, I learned that sometimes you HAVE to be overly cautious and take it easy in order to really REALLY get better.

    This is your grace period, so use it girl.

    You're doing great. And as for the skin stuff, believe me, one day you will look back and it'll be gone, over, and just like when we were 13...we'll cringe and say "I'm so glad that's over"...and it'll be nothing more than that.

    Good luck with your garden. I'm so happy that you're alive. You're a blessing and a gift in this world. Smile and laugh to yourself everyday. You are doing so well! Take it slowly and take it easy, and have faith and give yourself some grace. You're going to heal...the brain is SO powerful, it can completely heal itself...just give it time. Girl, I believe in you 100%.

    God Bless You Jessica.

  3. Jess, I don't know how to say it better than the person who just commented on your blog (<3). You've always been an amazing of your MANY incrediable qualities! I have to say, you're right back on the rail! I check your blog every, if not several times, a day and am always thinking about you. I love reading about what you're doing, how everything is coming, how you feel and ALL your AMAZING progress!! It's as close as I can get from here, sadly. I can't wait to come and visit you someday soon when things are less hectic. :) You say the word and I'm there. I promise I wont spill a glass of wine on you this time either. :) "Sorry about that, but can I get another?" I love you so much babe! Big hugs and kisses to you and Danny both! As it was said best back here in Texas..."Caaaarry Oooon"! ;)

    Lace's Out!

  4. Jess I know now that you are meant to be a writer. It comes totally naturally to you and your words and thoughts are very clear and often funny and plucks heart strings and makes us think. You ARE making HUGE strides in your recovery. xoxoxoxo


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