Friday, May 7, 2010

Good night.

Hi Friends. I feel smarter since nap noon. I try practice my sentences. My brain starting to wake up which excite. I'm positive that the next few day and week I will killing in no time! Lucky I'm hard head and refuse give up. I love write. I'm be just back I used be. Ok. Sleep soon before Danny before gives me the look before. Good night! Yay!

Before go. out my the staples in my head! Yay! I shower tomorrow! Great news!!!


  1. Jessica Oldwyn!!! I've got tears... Oh God, and I'm in Walmart right now! It's just so good to hear from YOU! It's actually YOU! I love you, you are a Rockstar times a billion!! Keep at it. You just keep doing what you're doing because it's going to be ok!! Thank you so much for the post, it settles my heart to read your words. Still lots of love and thoughts your way!!

  2. It is great to hear from you! It makes me so happy to hear the Jess we all know and love. You amaze me every day with your strength, attitude, determination...I could go on. Love and good thoughts...


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  4. Yay! I'm glad to hear that you love writingand expecting the first book you write! You really should... ;)) reading your blog is not enough for me! You're great in it!
    Love you so much my sweet beautiful cousin! And so excited getting better and better news everyday. Miss you and... see you soon! ...anywhere in the world!



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