Saturday, May 8, 2010

Abu Jess Is Home Safe

Abu Jess is back home and safe. She was a wonderful nurse. I so grateful for her laughter, and patience.

I can't explain what friendship means to me. More than a sister. I love she got angry this tumor. How dare tumor!! Those were her words. We conquered this battle now I'm working through the mess but back to normal in no time. I learned so much from Jess. She selfless. She an angel. I'm privileged and honored that have Jess in my life. I the luckiest woman in the whole world!


  1. Jessica,

    We haven't commented until now, but we have been checking in with your blog and following your progress continually. As we read each post we cry, we laugh, and we smile with amazement at your incredible spirit. You (and those caring for you most immediately) are constantly in our thoughts... you are so going to beat this thing!

    love from Montana,
    Adam, Sarah, Nora & Erik Sundstrom

  2. Jesse, how right you are. Your Abu Jess is your soul mate. Right could never be more right than how right your Abu Jess was right for you and for us in how she so lovingly shared the happenings of you with us. Yes you are lucky to have such a loving compassionate yes "selfless" friend. Good to read that she is home safe and that you continue to work hard "through this mess!" xoxox You're adorable. xoxoxo Susea


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