Saturday, May 15, 2010


I'm home! My first night back home in Wenatchee! Danny I went out to my parent's house for dinner, and we visited a couple of hours. I hadn't seen them in eight days. That's practically unheard since I normally work with my parents very day. I don't know how got so lucky with the parent lottery, but I serious the luckiest girl the world. Dad just keeps giving hugs, he said he can't stop giving me hugs because he's so happy to have me alive, and mom just give me sparkly look and smiles non-stop. I put  fear in them through his ordeal, now that we can rest better I'm glad. My poor parents have really gone through the ringer! And they worried about the middle school years!

It's beautiful morning and Danny was abducted by my dad a about an hour ago with his buddies Rich and Ron go golfing. Danny was little nervous because he's pretty new at golf and he didn't want to hold back the guys, but it think they're going to have a blast! Pretty sweet guys to get him out of the house. I worry a about Doctor Dan because I have be exhausting and monotonous. Although, if he feel that way he doesn't show it though. I actually had to have a talk to Danny and apologize yesterday. He didn't even want me to apologize, he said I shouldn't even worry about it - but the truth is that I worry about my character. According to speech therapist, I don't have filters and I'm blunt. I don't like that. I don't want be too blunt. I want to be cognizant of people's feelings. I had no idea that I was so direct. Before this tumor I've always thought about who I want to be, how I want to treat people, and what character traits I want to emulate, and harsh isn't what I'm going for. Just a few more things to concentrate on. I know that I'm in charge of who I want to be, now that I can recognize what I don't like, I can change it.

Now some good new. I have FINALLY cut back my pills down two seizure pills twice daily and that will be for two month, and then I have the rest of my pain killers that I am weaning off. Yay! It is the far cry from 2-8 pills every two hours. Needless to say that completely wrecked any possibility of decent sleep. That's behind me now though!! Things keep getting better and better!

I still can't believe the surgery, most of medication, most of the pain, and fear are most behind me. This really wasn't that bad. I have to convince myself to take this whole thing seriously. It just doesn't seem that bad. The scar gnarly and that pretty undeniable, but I'm feel better every single day.

I'm not going to give up. Thank you all of the comments. Sometimes when I hear big new (like the speech therapist) it can hit me pretty hard they doubt my success. I don't know what to expect, I guess know one does, but I feel in heart that I'm going to be back myself. I'm not quite there, I'm usually funnier. I soon.


  1. So glad you are back home and I can only imagine the loving welcome you received. Your assessment of there feelings would be accurate I'm sure. You have been through a ton and you're progress is remarkable. Your spunk will continue to keep you progressing and your friends and family will be there. With lots of love and good thoughts.

  2. YAY Jess! You're doing so great! Keep up the writing, we love to hear from you... and I think you're funny still! I can see your smiling face while I read your words and I can't help but smile and giggle :)

  3. Hi Jess, this is Tracie from early morning Thurs Functional can run but you can't hide!!! WE MISS YOU! I was shocked to find out that you've had this set back but it sounds as tho you are on your way back. I have seen the way you work so hard in class so I know you will fight to get back. Please know that everyone is class is thinking about you, praying for you and looks forward to the day when you can return to class ~ I have your spot AND your medicine ball saved=)

  4. Jessica - you are awesome. Keep up the good work and positive attitude. Isn't it nice weather here in Wenatchee? The sunshine is beautiful.

  5. WELCOME HOME!!!!!!! I am sorry we abducted Doctor Dan yesterday. I think he had fun. I know I had a blast. Thank you so much for sharing Danny with us yesterday.

    Reflecting on your Dad loosing his putter(I hope you have heard the story by now) it strikes me as we often in life we think we have lost someting and really it is right there safetly in our hands! Your Dad could not have have planned to make us laugh so hard(or remined me of a life lesson).I am with Danny...I wish we had that on tape.

    Still in our Prayers for that full recovery.

    All the Best with Love
    Rich and Andre`

  6. Hi, Jessica. I just learned about a week ago what has been going on. Thank you for your always radiant smile, and your thoughtful writings. I am so grateful you have Danny and your family, and I know they are grateful to have you. Keep reminding yourself that you ARE getting better, day by day, week by week. That's so positive, and healing. You are, and always have been, a treasure and a gift to all who know you.

    With love,
    Dee Dee Pearce

  7. Jess don't even ask about the putter, Rich was mean to have brought that up. One should not pick on senior moments. Wait until he reaches 6?????, then he won't think it is so funny. Golf was a blast, if only I could find a par 10 course!


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