Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Turtle

I've been out at my parent's house for a few nights as Danny has been trying to sell his truck in Seattle. They helped me take all my pills at weird hours and put up with my depression about my current skin crisis (among everything else). Thank you mom and dad.

The good news is that he did it it (although it was several thousand dollars backwards - but at least we can work with that). He sold it! We are now a one car family. Danny is moving in me to take care of me, and we will be starting an a new adventure. I'm very grateful for him. Danny has been trying to get rid of debt and consolidating things and I'm so proud of him. Danny is a wonderful man. He's even helping me sort through paperwork. The bills are barely beginning. We are just starting to get the MRI's from the very first appointment in Wenatchee. This progress is going to be a long one. I guess I have a few years on average for the next tumor or next treatment (if I'm lucky - and I feel really healthy!). So by then I'll probably pay for the first one and deal with the second then. I really don't care if I have to pay medical bills for my whole life, I just want to live!

Anyway, I should go to bed I think I'm starting to get foggy. Life is really complicated. I'm really grateful that Danny sold his truck. I know it sucks to have to drive my "turtle" but I love my turtle and it doesn't have a payment. So although it's not very cute it is free and I can sleep with that at night.

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