Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Computer Is Sick

Well. Bummer. My computer got virus, and that why I haven't been able do post. Sorry guys! I need computer doctor! Hopefully can find someone in Wenatchee to take for a look. Thankfully we had to do some laundry and I'm borrowing Krieg's computer. Thanks Krieg! Luckily I heading home for the weekend to see parents. Haven't been seen them sense last week! I miss them CRAZY!

Lots to tell. I finished up physical therapy. actually closed because of lack insurance courage (too expensive), but I'm confident about physical progress. That's exciting! Danny and I take a walk (sometimes twice a day) and stretch the legs. I've got bunch of different inner ear exercises, nothing too complicated, little things like balance. I realized my walk yesterday that I can't even swing a bat for a few months. No homerun durby. Oh well. Let the boys win a change. He he!

Today was my first speech therapy. That eye opening. We did some reading comprehension and I guess I had 50% success rate. I did object recognition, recognizing pictures and naming them. It's ackward look at image and no recognize it. One task I read article and tried reiterate I heard and again I believe they said I about half of the concept and details. Not bad. It's wild that I'm only understanding half I'm reading, and hearing. When actually read silently and then answered the questions about reading I only understand half of the article. I thought I was 100%. Oops. I thought I was undersdand EVERYTHING.

These tests every insightful. I apparently have a short attention span. I lose details, and larger concept. I can't understand jokes (sorry dad). After around thirty minutes of trying have a conversation a task I get exhausted and pretty lame headache. I can really confused if there are multiple things going around like TV and converstation, music playing and someone asks me question, or phone rings. Actually, if there is more than thing one going I lose my thought concept. That's why has been so great just limit my enviroment. And yet, the same time it's nice see how I function society or my lack function (like the checkout counter...that's a story for another time).

The scariest thing about therapist was response to my situation. I might have been a little fiesty when left. The speech therapists said that I'm right the middle (and closer the end) of my steep learning curve that soon will things will be harder. I told therapists that I'm going make full recovery, and they looked like was crazy! They even said it front of Danny, "Well. Good for you, that you feel that way." I am so subborn, and I WILL back to normal. I have to get better! I HAVE TO GET BETTER. I can't even imagine little brain slowing down and stopping. I'm really curious and hardwork woman. I can't imagine giving up and settle for subpar cognition.

Like said, I have a lot think about. I'm not going give up. I'm not going settle. If it has to be a long slow road then will deal with it.

I can't except that my brain might not better.


  1. Jess! I'm so excited you are coming home for the weekend! If you feel up for visitors, I'd love to give you a hug! You are so determined, I believe you will exceed the therapists expectations. I think you do have the will and drive and enthusiasm to more than "subpar", you will show them! I hope you and Danny have a safe drive over, and a great visit with your family. I'm sure they miss you like crazy and think of you constantly. Hey, that is kind of like many others around here! :) WE love you!
    Love, Sarah, Joey, Ty & Kait

  2. Jessica - This is Sara from the 5:10 a.m. functionals class with Tracie at Gold's Gym. I saw Megan this morning (she was even on time! can you believe it?!) and asked where you were at. She gave me this blog address, which I have now read from your diagnosis through today. You. Are. Amazing. You and your family are in my thoughts. Keep going girl! We miss you.

  3. Good for you!! Don't let any one tell you that you can't get BETTER, Just look how far you have come.. Your an amazing person with an amazing family, So when your weak let them be strong for you.. Jess YOU WILL GET BETTER!!! Have fun with your family.. Allison & Bryan P.

  4. Jessica, as smart as doctors are, they often times underestimate people like you. Maybe they don't want you to get your hopes up or something, who knows. They can perform miracles, yet they never believe in anything more than statistics. Silly doctors. The most important thing remains, and that is your fiercely positive attitude. Your KNOWING that you are going to overcome, and that determination of yours. Duh you're going to make a full recovery! ;) I'm so happy you get to see your family this weekend! That's a kind of therapy that is not only free, but priceless! Love you!!


    Have a wonderful weekend with your parents.

    Love and hugs,
    Leisa Redelsperger

  6. Jess, just remember: some lucky dog has to win. You ARE that cute, adorable puppy and you ARE going to win! xoxoxo Susea

  7. What great progress! thank you for the updates- your strength and determination is great. You are a beautiful role model

  8. Jess, you are amazing and you are going to make the full turn around, I know it. Positive thoughts and a positive mind, you've got it. Your post made me wonder what is wrong with me, short attention span and not understanding... that's my daily life! :) I love you girl and I hope to see you soon. Let me know when you're ready for a visit!! Kelly (the Fox/Hound)


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