Friday, May 21, 2010

Stewie The Lucky Rabbit

Danny and I have a new friend, which I named Stewie. He is cute, and yet he is a pest. He's started munching on my plants! We are just about to start our vegetable garden, and I KNOW Stewie is going to go to town on my plants. But what I can I do? He's so cute! I watch him from my window and he seems so harmless.

At least Stewie will probably avoid the jalapenos, and habaneros. I'm more worried about the tomatoes. Oh well.


  1. Awesome picture Jessica. I bet Ringo goes crazy when he sees Stewie.

  2. Jessica, you should check out this video: My buddy Meaux, does hanging gardens in his back yard. Great for keeping your tomatoes away from the pests.

    Jeff Diffner


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