Monday, May 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Team Jess -

Well, it took a little longer than originally expected, but Jess is "home". Laura's adorable house is the perfect recovery cottage, and Jess is loving it. From here, she'll work with the UW outpatient rehab clinics for the next couple of weeks before returning to Wenatchee.

She would like to thank everyone for all the amazing positive energy, prayers and warm thoughts during all of this. She's not quite ready for visitors, but she will let you guys know when that time does come.

Until then, we'll be laying low, taking it easy and relaxing. If you don't see as many posts... that's because there's positive progress being made!

Thanks again!

- Jess (Abu Dhabi)


  1. yay big sis! soooo very glad to hear that you are "home". i love you very much... xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Thanks for the good news... still lots of thoughts and prayers.

  3. I just knew your strength and courage would pull your through - we're all here with you in spirit.

  4. Good news for sure! Glad you are out of the hospital Jess and know that we will continue with positive thoughts and prayers as this recovery gets under way. Thanks for the update. Eatons

  5. Welcome to your 'recovery' home ~ continued prayer wraps you up Jess as you enter each new day in your wellness journey ~ God is Good!
    Love to you and your family, I have been thinking so much about your parents these past 2 weeks, extra hugs their way ~
    Debbie Sandwith

  6. Jess,glad to see you are out of the hospital,it's certainly alot nicer recovering in the sanctuary of a nice home.Let's kick this in the butt and get on with life.
    Phil McKee and Laura Chorba

  7. Could that be you Jesse tiptoeing through the tulips at midnight now that you're out and about at your home away from home? Things are wonderfully looking up and up and up. You said you're tenacious. There was never any doubt. xoxoxox Susea & Gene


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