Saturday, May 8, 2010

Work Hard Play Hard

Today was beautiful. Danny helped me practice my writing and reading. We took in some sunshine at the beach to relax. Heaven.


  1. Hi Jess and Danny - what a beautiful sky, water, you two - appreciating every moment, what we all should do every day and all day long.

  2. Jessica- it is so good to hear your through your writing. You sound like you are getting better. Great pictures - looks like it was a nice day. You are in our thoughts... tacos on us when you get back to Wenatchee.
    The Hunts

  3. Jess!! It is so good to get notes froorm you agian! You look great. Danny and Jess and your whole family have done a wonderful job taking care of you, as I'm sure they will continue to do. Keep your bright smile, that is what we love to see!
    Love, SArah B

  4. You look absolutely GORGEOUS!

  5. I'm practically in'd never know by your picture what you've just been through. Many blessings to you and Danny.

  6. Is that Carkeek that I see? Oohhie what a lovely weekend! Sending you both hugs! xo, Meghan & Sean.


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