Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Mind Plays Games

Today I practiced more reading. I'm notice some interesting things. When read silently to myself I think can read anything I see. I can now start to manage huge words, recognize them, and most understand their meaning. I see all words, large and small. Yet, when I read loud I'm not reading words that are on paper. Also have a terrible time sounding out words. Two syllables max. And actually that be generous. It's wild. My brain playing tricks. I miss multiple words from paragraph, or I insert words according to Danny the words don't exist. He so patient with me.

It's crazy to flip from read alone by myself, because think I'm just reading, but if I'm not reading right in front Danny we can't be sure. Weird. Ignorance is bliss I guess.


  1. Your determination is amazing. Your progress is amazing. Thank you for updating your progress, etc. I know you are in the minds and hearts of many people- a handful havent even personally met you but are touched by your amazing story and love for life. Keep on are doing amazing and are a role model for many.

  2. Jessica - be patient with yourself - it will come. You have been through a major operation. Keep working, but don't stress - it sounds like you have a good outlook.

  3. When I look at these pictures and know the complex surgery you've been through I'm blown away at how well you are doing so quickly. Our thoughts and prayers are with you sweetie. Creel & Bob McCormack, Atlanta

  4. Your brother and cousin Matthew came up with a great analogy: even with an operation for a broken bone, it takes lots of time to get back to your peak. This was, after all, REALLY brain surgery. We are all so proud of your style and mind set! Wish that I could be as awesome as you are. LOVE YOU LOTS XOXOXOXO Aunty Lynn

  5. I am hoping I can find the summer journal you wrote me when I went to college, I think you would enjoy reading stuff you wrote in High School. At least get a kick out of what we considered to be drama at the time ;) I miss you and love you so much! Lorraine

  6. You continue to make progress and we continue to pull for you. You are making amazing strides in a relatively short time since having two major brain surgeries. Keep your positive attitude and know that we are all in your corner. God Bless you. Vic & Karen


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