Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We're still waiting for a final green light that we're headed toward brain surgery. I'm still, deep in my heart, hoping for a complete miracle. That perhaps I'm reading the scan incorrectly and the area of the tumor that we're looking at is some sort of unexplainable abnormality but not tumor. Until I hear from Dr Liau that it's for sure tumor, I'm just going to keep calm, continue to heal from my cold and enjoy each moment. Both nights, Dad and I have gone for walks along the beach. It's just the two of us for now, mom's back in Wenatchee working and Dan's back in Seattle working as well. So it's a father daughter team holding down the fort. Waiting, waiting, waiting.....laughing, debating. I'm trying to convince my father to share a few of my more socially liberal views. It's not really working, but he respects me for trying :)

I promise to let you all know as soon as I get the results. I asked the receptionist at the Dopa PET scan check-in if I could get the results sent to me. She gave me a form and I should have the read-out in my email either tomorrow or Friday. I'm always looking for the answers as soon as possible, even if it isn't want I'm wanting to hear. We will hit this head on, no pun intended :) for now we're on pins and needles.

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  1. Jessica
    I too hold out hope that herbie is an optical illusion. I pray for the reading to be scar tissue. Enjoy your time with my good freind. Still praying everyday for a cure!
    God bless you and your family in the coming days...weeks...Months...years..and decades!

    Love and hugs from Rich and Andre'


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