Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jess Post

Have so much to say but still my miatitions. Lot of auto wrds is handy :) Dan is so kind and patient. Mom and and dad and Kaal home for now. Mom dad back Sunday and dam go hope. Wish I could express explain thigs. I always have things to say :) this will this is be tough I though! Only use left right hand, so tricky. Right foot weark and unsteady, lots of naps, but still begetter every happy. I know u must sund funny bit just a bung in a road! I'm so happy,I do this before and I do it again. Wish you could see hope hey me famy feed even wipe me. Embasr and I cry once. I very private with bath stuff, but of coure y had my period. When rain it pours! I fart start time first Dan. Cry and cry but oh we'll :) life oh on.

My crazy life :) try to tell a little little so you can imagine. Hope I didn't say too much, to aphic. I'm surprising myself saying so much. Still happy though :) because my family and dan
so make so happy. They are amazing!!

Sorry still rumbled but great to challenge :) still can't believe toot. Bamn. Honeymoon over ....


  1. Keep hanging on to hope. You are doing great. I had so much trouble typing after my last surgery but now I'm really fast as I type this to you! Practice, practice, practice my dear friend. Keep moving forward as I know you are with the help of your family! Jessica

  2. "So Cal" PattiOctober 24, 2012 at 6:10 PM

    Love this post Jess! It shows your spirit and sense of humor! I think you are doing a great job so soon after your surgery! Also loved seeing the pictures of you at the beach-it is so peaceful and pretty there! Keep up the good work! YOU GO GIRL!!! Love, Patti

  3. Oh Precious Jess
    My husband and I have been following your blog,praying over you and your Compassionate Husband. you are one of the most transparent, vulnerable,spunkiest, people I have ever known, other than my Husband! We first want to thank the Lord for bringing you through this brain surgery, We lift you up before the Lord as he knows all things,We thank the Lord that you are able to walk and talk,praying that each day as you heal and recover from this major Brain surgery you continue to regain all the mobility in your right side, that your mind become more alert,aware,as each day has it's challenges, we pray that you will give yourself the rest you need to endure each day one day at a time,your brain is what tells your body what to do,It needs time to heal,Thank you Lord Jesus for sustaining Jess, we pray you give Dan and Jess all your strength as you know the recovery road ahead...We Pray all of these things in Jesus Name

  4. Jess,
    I can't believe all you've been through! You are an amazing, strong, beautiful woman! It seems like just yesterday that we were crammed in a car driving to Central dreaming up zany ideas for a childrens' book. Thank you for making that time so much fun! It looks like you're journeying through an incomprehensible tough time with the same spunk you've always had. Please know I'm praying for you and cheering for you as you fight!
    Jessie Sagerser

  5. everything about your journey is at once heartbreaking and inspiring. your strength, spirit, and perseverance is extraordinary, and reminds me what a joy it is to simply be alive. we've never met, but you're in my thoughts daily, as is your family. best wishes, and remember to take it easy if you need to. sending you strength and love

  6. Jess: Your communication is spot on. I understood exactly what you were saying, including
    the nuances and meanings of your word choices. The amazing part is you basically just got
    out of the hospital after brain surgery. There is no stopping you. Your purpose in all of this will unfold, as you discover the hope you provide for so many others. Take a deep breath, allow all the time you need to rest, recover and sprint forward to all the goodness that is yours. Dan is your guardian angel and the fact that you two are together is a wondrous example of divine intervention.

  7. So proud of you, Jess! You are doing amazing! I agree, your communication is still really good - I totally understood everything you wrote. That's incredible and something to be SO proud of!! I am sorry you have to endure some things so humiliating (to you). You know that you would do it in a heartbeat for those who are caring for you, try to look at it that way. I have to tell you something funny that Nate told me once. He said that he accidentally farted in front of you (when you were dating) and he was SOOO embarrassed, but he played it off cool saying "I'm not going to hold it in and get a stomach ache." I should have told you that prior to this so you could have used it! ;) Cracks me up! The thing is, you know Danny probably thought it was cute or something. Please don't cry (I know you probably have to at times), you aren't a crier remember!? I love that you are so happy and in such wonderful hands. And I LOVE your last line - honeymoon is over - LOL! That's you, Jess, SO you! Literally made me laugh out loud! :) Keep it up!

  8. Jess, best post ever. Your humility is so adorable. You continue to gain strength by the hour, and it won't be long before we will start to take for granted that you are recovering from such a disorienting surgery because you recover so quickly! The pictures are great. I love seeing you smiling at the beach and with "my" family. Big group hug for all the Oldwyns, Dan, and Team Jess! A tremendous outpouring of support to compliment the tremendous will power, humor, and love Jess naturally bestows upon us all. Xoxoxoxo Lorraine

  9. Jess, I'm so glad you're doing so well! What a great husband you have in Dan and what an amazing family! You're doing awesome, so don't over do it and give yourself time to heal. I could actually understand your post and you were cracking me up as usual! I've been thinking about you daily and I just know you'll be back to your wonderful self in no time! Loved the photos of you smiling especially on the beach! Love ya! Regina DeFelice-Lumpp from Tejas!
    P.S. Mikey says hello!

  10. Oh are an amazing young woman. I read your posts, I try to imagine how you are remaining positive and dealing, dealing, dealing with all life throws at you. Amazing. I love thinking about you and Danny far from those days at Friday Harbor Elementary School. You are in my prayers and thoughts. You, Dan and your family. Healing energy to you.

    ~Nan Simpson
    (Friday Harbor Elem. grades 3, 4 or 5....depending on the year!)

  11. Jess,
    You inspire me daily! Your courage, honesty, strength, determination and wit are unmatched! I love reading your posts and check your blog every night! Keep your chin up. You are through the toughest part and each day will get easier. It hasn't even been a week since you had doctors poking around in your brain and you are doing amazing! When my friend had his brain surgery he was still in the hospital at this point. You don't know me, but I am praying for you like so many others out there, and all those prayers will bring you strength and healing. Rest well <3

  12. You and Dan are both incredible. Love that you posted and can't wait for more. It may look mixed up but we know what you're saying. :) Keep up the rest and great work. Amazing to see how our brain works and is affected but also how we can rebuild and come back stronger than ever! You are awesome girl!

  13. Jess,
    You inspire me everyday to live life to the fullest potential. I have never met you, well maybe because we're from tiny Friday Harbor, but your story and amazing positive attitude has lifted me up many days when I feel down. You are hilarious, strong, and will overcome anything!

  14. Oh man. I know exactly what you're talking about. Of all the horrors I experienced in my short hospital stay, one of the things I remember most and that brought me the most pain, shame and embarrassment was having other people help with going to the bathroom. It brought me a tremendous amount of anxiety, and to have Roger be one of those people was terrible. Thank God he still loves me! And who knew they made adult baby wipes?!?! As always, thank you. Thank you for your writing. Truly. You have no idea what a gift it is to read it. It helps me through my days. You're awesome. And Danny's awesome too. Love, Marlis


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