Saturday, October 27, 2012

Great, Pretty Great, and New Plan

ok. Patho,ogy. Still low grade. YESSSSS! howevery, the tumor is not with9n the density poerameters, therefore i will not ne able to get the personalized vaccine. RATS! So, now we email Dr Laiu and see if we can have my tumor tissue and take it to Germany or somethimg ajnd pay for the dendritic cell therapy out of poctet. The clinical trial has litt.e rules and if we go to germany they can give me more vaccine and stuff. its compicated, somthimg ive been researtching for about 7 months. i was obviously hopinjg the clinical trial would get it done, but we have more options. i will not give up, there is no where i wont go, thravel, exhaust optiojs. just another bump in the road. we just found out last night and it was a lot to process, but like usualy, we sort it out, talk it out, and get back on track. didn't sleep last two nights, about total of 4 houjrs.

this jojurney is wild, just when you think ypu have a plan 9t changes :) its practically hilarious, you just kee0 planning, keep learning, never stay stagnant, nevver give up, not be afraid taking chances. ASo at this point herman is TOAST. We know that the tumor always grows and there is seme invisable tumour, but we just restarted my clock! i hope it works to go to germany and do the dendritic cell therpy, focus on diet (only proven diet to combat brain cancer is ketogenic, or less severe is paliolithic - low carb, low sugar). If i keep my supplememts going, really target them so i dint get so exhsustive of so mapy pils, excercise and i will be GOLDEN!

Dr Liau was very disappointed that i dint get the vaccine, but also happy that my tumor is not worse :) we want the lowest grade, least density, least invasive, and things as\re looking SWEEEEET!! We have so many things to be happy for, im so incredibly grateful!!! i do wish we were getting the vaccine, it was the icing on the cake, but no deal worry about it, its done. on to the next. things always cange, cant really hope for definite thiings you dont really know what;s best. does that make sense? back to our never ending battle. i was pretty tired last nignt, a litt;e down becaise the clinical trail wasnlt happened for me. i just wanted thing to be easier. but know im giong to take this advantage to explore germanys clinics, the wor,d, review again all the cool treaments, and accept that my path is in credible and very fortunate. this journey keeps giving more froends, new surprises, amazing opprotunities. no complaints, seriously! thank you again for all of the love and friends. i am so much better than if ihad never had this challenge. youi guys make me a better person.

Serious Cavewoman! Look out

ps not to brag or anything, but i can hold a glass and drink from my right hand!!! not always, and a few mistakes, but seriously, killing it, and using a fork. definitley NOT laduy like, kinda like ogre or cavewoman, hilarious, but exciting! when recovering there is no point too proud - just celebrate.


  1. You look great and you wear your scar with pride! Don't worry in no time you will be a pro at covering or flaunting it, whatever you wish! Anyway, sorry to hear about the trial. I was so excited about it for you. But good news that it's still low grade. What a thing to be thankful for. Were you not eligible because it wasn't a dense enough tumor? I assume that is better than a denser tumor??? Keep fighting and thanks for sharing once again. Jessica

  2. "So Cal" PattiOctober 27, 2012 at 6:46 PM

    Hey Jess- you look like a movie star sitting there with your cavewoman look! LA must have gotten in your system! HA! Looks like Dr. Liau did a wonderful job on your surgery! Sorry to hear that you can't do the clinical trial here but am happy to hear that Hermie is gone and you are starting over with a clean slate! The answer is still out there and will hopefully be easier to attain now! Love, Patti

  3. So bummed to hear about the trial.....but Dr. Liau did a wonderful job on your surgery and am super excited to hear that hermie is GONE. Germany just may be that door that has been waiting to be opened and we will celebrate with you when it does!

  4. I'm sorry to hear the news about the trial, but I'm sure that there are bigger and better options out there for you to find. Stay positive and keep up your amazing attitude. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. So amazed by all of your progress!! I am so happy for you that Hermie is gone and hopeful that even greater, wonderful surprises await you when you look into a vaccine in Germany. You are progressing so quickly your Dan and your parents must be so proud with every step you take! Thinking of you always and loving all of your incredible updates!! Thank you Jess--for being the beautiful, open, courageous, honest and forever optimistic woman that you are. You are a shining example of true beauty and grace!

    Love to al, Maleka

  6. Dr. Liau sounds like an angel. Your ability to communicate is astounding. Bumps in the road but you have researched and done so much to get where you are. You continue to forge ahead with momentum to find the cure for yourself and then others. You have a huge "rooting" section in this country and now you will broaden that to more corners of the WORLD! Germany here you come.

  7. You are a great women when I think about you I see your wonderful smile. We love you Jessica


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