Friday, April 16, 2010

We Eat Tumors For Breakfast

The men in my life decided to give me a preview of my future hair style.

It was a great morning of hair liberation, but this afternoon when Danny followed up with Harborview we found out that they were unable to review my screens and that all will be reviewed on Monday. It's a pretty big bummer, and a little scary that I'm risking extra days since the neurosurgeon here in Wenatchee was extremely opinionated that I needed to get in for surgery ASAP (yesterday at 8:00am). I'm not sure how to consolidate all of my options, or figure out how to know when I'm making the right choices. I guess I just go by my gut. If I don't survive the weekend, please right on my headstone, "Should have followed the 1st neurosurgeon's surgery suggestion!"

At least I had some company for a pedicure. We're practically evil. We shave off all the men's hair and then pamper ourselves. I think I can do this tumor thing.


  1. so this is my first time posting a comment on a blog im normally more of a phone conversation or, in person kind of guy. anyway, WOW!, I'm so glad you decided to get a second opinion. nothing against wenatchee's neurosurgeon, but this is my cousin were talking about! we've all always known how tough you are, but you are definitely taking it to the next level on this one. we love you, MATT TIFF and DYLAN

  2. Jessica:
    You have went to the very top of our prayer list. We have only known you for a few short years. Your sense of humor, drive and personality have you ready for what is ahead. You will beat this! I would join hair libriation but I have a very ugly head. A clumsy child makes for scares that are going to show up soon enough. With this said if you say "cut it off" I will be over as long as you do the honors! Keep smiling girl!!!!
    Can not figure how to post...go figure. Rich

  3. That top Pic is awesome, and I'm not talking about Kaal and Danny. Bob is the man!

  4. You are beautiful, and I know you will be beautiful even without any hair.Maybe it will be your new look.:)You are in my thoughts and prayers. Just think of all the stories you will be able to tell and photos you'll be able to look back on. Keep on smiling and thinking positive thoughts, don't be afraid to let out some tears too.

  5. Guys, you're amazing! and crazy! You all look soooooo good and pretty... :)) and I do love your energy! It gives me some strength...

    Anyway, I've been checking everyday your updates and crossing my fingers for Monday's app.

    Love you, squeeze you tight and kiss (special one goes on your head).


  6. Hey, is there room at that pedicure table for me? You women are looking very pleased with yourselves. And the dudes . . . wow, whatta improvement! Gene could use one of those spiffy buzz cuts he's looking way too Rastafarian. xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox You go girls!


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