Monday, April 19, 2010

Riding The Rollercoaster

After promising Danny and Jess (my two caretakers) that I could calmly wait until noon today to hear back from Harborview, I cracked at 11:30 and had Danny call for an update about my condition. Turns out Dr Sekhar HAD reviewed my file and the chief of neurological surgery over at U of W is the perfect fit.

I should receive more information hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday, after the U of W surgeon reviews my scans. In the meantime, we sent all of my documents over to Swedish as a backup plan.

I'm starting to feel a much higher sense of peace, and confidence after speaking to the team of neurosurgeons at Harborview that hold such knowledge, and experience. When the first neurosurgeon in Wenatchee wanted to operate in under 48 hours it was downright petrifying. While the Seattle team still wants to conduct surgery as soon as possible, they do not feel that I'm at the extreme level of imminent danger that the Wenatchee surgeon expressed. I'm not sure if he was just drooling over the concept of hacking my brain, or if he truly was panicked about me dying in the next few days. Either way, it's nice to have all these teams of doctors working their magic all around Seattle, trying to fit my lemon tumor into the right hands. 

With that said, I'm not going to lie and say that it's easy to be this patient.


  1. Waiting is no good. I can't stand waiting. Keep up your positive attitude - thinking of you.

  2. I'm amazed you last until 11:30! But sounds like all the bases are loaded and you're up next and will hit a home run and win the game! xo Susea & Gene

  3. Hey Jess,
    Sounds like UW is a perfect choice. Sounds like you'll be in good hands. What a whirl wind!!! You are so amazing in the way you are responding to this terrifying reality. Keep up the positive energy, here have some of mine---------. There that helps. Ok GI Jess your in my prayers and I'm sending more positive energy via air currents.
    The guys look great with out hair and you'll be gorgeous!!
    sending love and friendship
    Lisa Z.


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