Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No European Post Yet

I opened this account to chronicle my upcoming trip to Europe with dad. It's odd that my first post is going to preface the trip with a freaking weird experience. So bare with me. Iceland, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, and best of all Poland, hang tight, we are just days away.

(image added later)

So, I'm heading in for my first MRI exam this morning. First scan of any time ever, actually. I had a severe instant onset debilitating - by which I mean unbearably painful (couldn't see/talk/move for 90ish seconds) headache on Saturday, then again on Sunday. It hit my whole brain, then slipped to the left side, finally regressing to the upper back side of my head, where it remained throbbing for the following days. After Googling my symptoms, Danny, my mom, and I decided to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician to request a brain scan. (The internet said it was a good idea in order to rule out nefarious things like brain bleeds, stroke, brain tumors - you know, the fun stuff.)

So, Monday I went down to the clinic and asked for the first doctor that would see me. While in that appointment, after describing my symptoms, the doctor argued with me. She said I did not have that painful of a headache, that people get migraines all the time. I told her it was more like a thunderclap headache. She said I was too young to have a thunderclap, it was physically improbable, even impossible. She tried to write me off, to send me home, but I wouldn't give up. I respectfully told her that I wanted the scan. She complained that it would require a lot of paperwork and that I would have to wait at least a day to get it approved. I told her it was fine, I would wait.

I'm sure everything is fine, but we want to make sure I'm in good health before I cross the globe.

It was originally going to be a CT scan, but was upgraded by my insurance company to an MRI. I do love a good upgrade!

Wish me luck, I've got a little over 2.5 hours before my appointment! I'm really excited to see what the inside of my head looks like! I've never even broken a bone, or even had a cavity yet. I'm as medically vanilla as you get.

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  1. What fun to see pictures of you again. That pretty, smiley face. No doubt you'll knock this. With fond memories of you Joda and the "other" Jessica. Cheers, Creel McCormack


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