Monday, April 26, 2010

Divide And Conquer

Success! I slept in until 4:30am! I feel heavenly, sitting here with my jet black mug of mud otherwise known as coffee. Life is good. My head is bald and although I feel exposed, I feel gorgeous.

After our ceremonious shaving yesterday, my mom, dad and brother hightailed it from Seattle over to Wenatchee to try and squeeze all of the work at the business down from one week into one day. They're trying to milk as much productivity and function so that we can try to maintain a living, keep the customers happy, and pay the bills. My family is AMAZING. They divide and conquer.

In 23 hours and two minutes I'll be "electrobed" and ready for slice-n-dice. I'm getting excited! I'm about to embark on a sci-fi journey that makes me feel like a cross between GI Jess and Robo Jess. Not quite the bionic woman, but still cool.


  1. You ARE gorgeous! Go get em!
    xoxoxoxox Susea & Gene

  2. I just heard the news! All the best and I will be pulling for you... you are such a wonderful and upbeat person...that will help a lot in the next few days! God Bless!
    Perrin Cornell

  3. Hi Jessica, Remember me? Toni LoBue, your old swine leader!! 1st of all you are beautiful now and way back then too. I just wanted to tell you that you are in the very best hands with Dr. Daniel Silbergeld, he is so wonderful and so is the whole team at UW they are amazing. My husband John had a big tumor and no one else would even think of removing it surgically. We went to Dr. Silbergeld for a 2nd opinion and he admitted John on the spot and scheduled surgery the next day. His surgery was similar to yours, part of it awake. He was told he may not talk or walk again and woke up from surgery talking and smiling. It was very sucessful!! I wish you the very best and the same to you and your family. It is all very scary but you are in the best hospital, best Neuro surgeon and lots of love from your family and friends.You are going to do great with your positive attitude!! I will be following your recovery. Take care. Toni LoBue


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