Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jesse's Team.

Hello everyone,
This is Danny (Jesse's boyfriend) with a quick update. Jess was just wheeled into the operating room and wanted me to let everyone know how she was doing. First off, she wanted me to let everyone know that she sincerely appreciates all the prayers, love and support that everyone has sent her way throughout this process. She said it was the one thing that lifted her spirits when she would get down. As she was awaiting entry to the operating room, she said she could feel the love of everyone enveloping her. So please continue to send your positive thoughts her way so when she gets scared again they will help her get back to a positive place. Secondly, Jess wanted to tell everyone that she is in very high spirits. She said 'I feel like I'm at a spa or something'. Everything from the special socks to the heated air blanket has put her into a state of extreme comfort. She was actually worried that she was to relaxed, and not alert enough for her medical care providers. She has fallen in love with her entire team and already knows their entire background stories. There is 'Daisey', the southern primary nurse who shares her sarcastic sense of humor, the tattooed up nurses assistant who shares Jess's despise for lactose, her anesthesiologists with her thick Romanian accent (who actually teared up when Jess was in pain from an I.V.), just to name a few. Everyone that has worked with Jess this morning has put her at ease and only increased her confidence in the entire process. I'm sure Jess will retell these stories in her own detailed way, but she wanted to let people know that she was doing good, and felt she is in competent hands.


  1. Oh please keep us all updated! I'm on the edge of my chair until I hear everything is going well. Millions of prayers sent that way and hugs all around!
    Cari Matthews Hall

  2. Many prayers your way. First and foremost Please God guide the hands of the surgeon so he sees clearly and has a steady hand!

  3. Thank you so much Danny! You obviously are a wonderful guy, Jess is blessed to have you and her whole army of supporters in the waiting room. Thank you so much for the updates! I can hardly concentrate on anything else. Also, Thank you to Jess (Aub Dabi), and Courtney for the updates as well. As always, I am sending all my positive thoughts to Jess!



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