Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quick Round in the OR

Team Jess -

This is Jess (Abu Dhabi). So we've been having increased symptoms since last night and into today. The team of physicians scheduled a CT to just confirm everything was okay. They found a few complications which unfortunately means she needs to head back into the operating room. She's in the OR now.

The family, Danny and I find ourselves in the surgical waiting room again. She'll spend another night in the ICU.

Another quick round of prayers from everyone please.


  1. Jess, I am praying! :) When this is all and I need to go have a drink! I'm buying :) Megan R

  2. Still praying for Jessica in Wenatchee. Near the top of our prayer list is her family and freinds as well. Hang in there Jessica Be Strong.
    Rich and Andre'

  3. We are still praying too! Jess is still a rock star, and will always be!
    love, Sarah B

  4. Continued prayers and support are with you all. The flow of energy and love are strong and will carry you all through these dips. Vic & Karen

  5. We have all of you on our prayer text chain from Everett. Sending light and love to all.


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