Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Proudest Brother

All of you know how special my sister is.  Not just from how we know her in our daily lives, but through her positive perserverence in her time of trouble.  What defines a person is not how they deal with the days and events that are positive, but how they handle the tough times.  This has not only been tough, it has been nearly unbearable for all of us.  By "all of us" I mean those of us who have had to wait for Jess to go though all of the trials associated with this surgery and the surgery itself. The only one that has made any of this seem bearable is Jess herself. She has kept all of us not only sane, but positive and many times happy and laughing. I cannot imagine a stronger person in a similar circumstance. She defines: tough, compassionate, positive, selfless, supportive and more. I am in awe of what an amazing person she is. She will take none of the credit for carrying us all through this, but deserves all of it. Thank you everyone for supporting her.  It has meant a lot. God bless you all.



  1. You're a great big brother Kaal, and that was really sweet of you to write this. I couldn't agree more, she deserves a lot of credit. As do you all! :-)

  2. I love you babe! good post. Give Jess a kiss from Isla and I.

  3. Damn it, Kaal! Just when I thought there weren't anymore tears to shed for the day you go and write this!! So sweet, and I could not agree with you more. Honestly (can't believe I'm posting this but . . .) all Nate would have to do is ask how things were going with Jess and as soon as a few words started to come, so would the tears. So pathetic, I know. I was 100% positive all along that she was going to make it through with flying colors, just the pain I felt for her having to go through it all, sheesh! Then there's your sister, the one with the TUMOR, the one awaiting AWAKE BRAIN SURGERY, flawless as possible just worried about others. I love her so much, she is truly a special, amazing person. We love you and miss you guys! Oh and address to send stuff?? Maybe Courtney can text it to me. Thanks for such a great post!

  4. Kaal, you and Jess have always been two peas in a pod, two toddlers with blackberry juice on your faces, two kids with the pigs in the pig-pen and County Fairs, two teens experiment-ing . . . and now two adult siblings with the greatest amount of love and respect for each other. This is how all families wish to be. Lovely post. xo Susea & Gene

  5. Kaal - you are so right about Jessica being the strong one. I could not stop thinking about her at work on Monday and I was starting to freak out - I felt like driving over to see her in Seattle. I called her only to hear her happy and chipper voice. She is the one that made me feel better.... the day before her surgery and she is the one making me laugh about something funny Bailey has said the other day. Wow... what a great person and friend. Love to you all and hope to see you and your family this summer -Bailey and Jackson want to hang out with Isla.

  6. springer.cindy@gmail.comApril 28, 2010 at 8:01 AM

    Hi Kaal-I learned of Jessica's challenge through island friends. We are among the many praying for her. I don't know if you remember our family, but Adam was in your graduating class. We understand what you are all going through from first hand experience and we want you to know there can be a much hope for a good outcome. Before we moved to the island, when Larry and I were your age, Adam was diagnosed with a golf ball sized tumor in his brain. Located in the cerrebulum, it was blocking the spinal fluid from circulating and affecting his coordination. We came very close to losing him before he was diagnosed and went through two brain surgeries. He was almost 8 yrs old. My point in sharing this is that he is alive and well 25 years later and we thank God every day for him. This is our prayer for your family that in 25 years you can look back as we have and thank God for Jessica's life. Thank you for sharing the great love your family has for each other. God bless.
    Cindy Springer

  7. Dear Jesse,

    You are one hell of a lovely young lady and surrounded by incredible love and support. Just thought you might want to know there are alot of meningioma survivors out there (which is incredible when one feels so alone when being told one has a brain tumor) including me who was also blessed by the skillfull knife of Dan Slivergeld in Nov. 2002. Hang in there girl. The ABTA and Meningoma Mommas are also sights to visit. Sometimes life give us more on our plate than we want to eat, but the rewards are numerous...among them incredible growth of self knowledge and strength and ability to learn more than you ever wanted to know...but the biggest benefit of all is learning how well and deeply you are loved. I have tears as I write this from reading all your blogs, Dear Jesse, but you are one hell of a young woman...keep your precious love of and enthusiam for life and with that you can do anything. Only now if necessary, you have an excuse ... you can say "I've had brain surgery...so wha's your excuse?"

    Love you child, Jude a new fan!!!

  8. Much love from Kerwin & Margaret. We are following your journey through your blog Jesse. We can only offer you encouragement and prayers. The rest is in your hands, the hands of those miracle worker doctors, and of course - the hands of Jesus.
    Blessings to all of you. Kerwin and Margaret


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