Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"In a world that needs more dancing, she's a hula girl at heart."

 I just stumbled across the above phrase (thank you Jimmy Buffett) and I'm not sure why, but it reminded me of Jess. I've never seen the girl Hula but I'm pretty sure if given the chance she could work the heck out of a coconut bra and grass skirt.
(If the Buffett reference didn't tip everyone off, this is Courtney; Jess' sister in law writing this.)
I think that in this world we get back what we give. All of the love, support, sweet acts of selflessness and kindness that Jess has received are a testament to how much she gives to her family, friends and her world.

As I write this eleven of Jess' family members are all gathered together here in the hospital waiting room. And we're...waiting....and maybe in our "real lives" we're all very patient people but patience be damned. This waiting sucks.

There's a phone on the desk in here and every few minutes it rings -doctors calling to update family & friends- and everyone in this room catches their breath for just a moment....

Here's what our waiting room looks like, maybe this will help all of you readers feel like you're here with us:
Team Oldwyn takes up a good half of the room. Grandma G (Jess & Kaal's grandma), J-Z (the "other Jess" who, fyi, looks strikingly gorgeous bald), Bob (Jess' dad), Aunt Anne, Auntie Lynn, Uncle David, Danny (Boyfriend of the Year nominee), Bonnie (Jess' mom), Kaal, Isla (Jess' niece, my daughter, she's 1 year), Me and Madeliene (a friend of Bonnie's from Elementary School -yes, Elementary school!).

Isla is the official distraction and she's taking her job very seriously. Right now she's dumping Oyster Crackers all over the floor. But don't worry, she's picking them back up, putting them back in the bag and then taking them out again to eat them.

Also in the room is a bearded guy in a red Budweiser shirt who's passing the time drinking Coke and eating a Snickers bar. He keeps checking his phone and I feel for him that he's here all alone. How lucky Jess, and all of us are, to have each other.

There's a woman next to us also sitting by herself and the phone just rang for her. After she hung up she let out an audible sigh. Hopefully of relief.
At a table in the middle of the room is a man and woman who seem like they've been here before. They seem very prepared, kind of businesslike and seem pretty positive. The man's knee hasn't stopped shaking since I've been here though.

An older couple just met with a surgeon and they look okay. She's got short, spiky hair and is sipping coffee out of travel mug, her hand is shaking a bit but she's got a smile on her face. Her husband has on a Denver Broncos shirt so I'm not even going to talk about him. Go Seahawks.

There's a handful of other souls in this room too and I can't help but wonder who they're waiting for. My wish for them is that their loved one is as strong as our girl and that they have as much love and support as Jess, and we all do.

We'll update this as soon as that phone rings and it's for us.


  1. Nice work, Courtney! That quote is totally Jess! I'm glad Isla is there to entertain, what a good niece. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is perfect for all of us at home waiting there with you . . .

    And I totally laughed the loudest laugh out loud on Mr. Broncos. ;) Love you all!!!!

  2. Wonderful of you Courtney to give the rest of Team Jesse absenters some of the details--the behind the scene account of what's going on. As you so eloquently put it: "This Waiting Sucks!"
    But it's sounding positive! xoxox from the West Indies!

  3. Linda said...
    Blessings and peaceful vibes to all of you waiting there. Our girl is in great hands! Thank you, Courtney, for letting us be there with you thru this open window. Linda Moran


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