Sunday, January 22, 2012

Warning: Graphic

Well. I did it. I went in for the "little" procedure to remove the rest of my naughty mole that wanted to turn into cancer. I kept my chin up and tried my best to joke with the DR & the assistant, telling them how bummed I am that they're working on my smaller breast. They laughed with me, and kept the mood light. I made it through the numbing (which they warned me would cause my heart rate to increase), it took three shots of numbing stuff, and soon, we were on our way. As soon as they started cutting, I could feel tugging, and snipping. All of a sudden, as I was trying my best to power through, my hands got really sweaty, and a wave of nausea came over me and I knew I was having an aura.

I tried to keep calm, knowing that freaking out makes the seizures come on faster, exactly what you're trying to avoid in that moment. My parents were out in the waiting room with my purse where I keep my pre-seizure pills which efficiently stop the auras from turning into a full blown grand mal. I quickly said, "Guys, can you stop. I'm having an aura, I need water now - cold water - and I have a pre-seizure pill in my purse in the waiting room. I need it. Please go get it. RUN." It was so scary. The assistant ran to the waiting room and grabbed my purse from my mom. In the meantime, the DR soothed me, helping me drink the cool water. When the assistant arrived back in the room, he took out two pills and I placed them under my tongue, waiting for them to dissolve. In the meantime, I practiced deep breathing, and the boys calmed me down by discussing puppies. They were serious heros, so kind.

I made it through the rest of the procedure which lasted about 45 more minutes of cutting, tugging, and then two different strands of stitches, both inside and out. They separated the skin from the tissue and pulled them together, yanking, and that might have been the worst part. That or the cauterizing - one of the places they cauterized I felt a deep burn. Ouch. I honestly had no idea what I was getting into. I thought this was going to be more routine. I've learned that I can not handle awake procedures. Next time I'm going to have to tell the DR that they need to put me asleep or something.

Even yesterday, and this morning, I'm feeling completely nauseous, and ill. I feel very vulnerable for seizures right now. I can't explain it. It's just a feeling that I get. That's why I didn't blog yesterday. I'm trying to take it easy.

It will be one week before I can get my heart rate up, so I guess it'll be easy to keep things light and simple. I'm dying to run through. That always makes me feel better. When I get to the seventh day, I think I'll be like a race horse just bursting through the gates.

I emailed back and forth with a friend recently and she told me to just listen to my heart and that I'll know when it's right for me to start driving. It is painfully obvious that I should not drive for a long time. I shouldn't even think about it. Although we had been clear for the past 5.5 months of little to no auras, this one was very severe. It is a miracle that we were able to stop the seizure. What a relief. I just need to focus on being healthy, exercising, eating right, sleeping well, and worry about things like driving later. I will not put other people in danger just because I want to go to Costco to save on Dave's Bread. Gotta keep things in perspective. I'm just grateful that I can walk to PCC. A few extra bucks to avoid running someone over is quite a deal!

Here's a few photos of my little missing mole. Sorry, it's totally gross, and pretty graphic, but this is a blog to share about my journey. Hope you aren't offended:


  1. "So Cal" PattiJanuary 22, 2012 at 11:43 AM

    Thinking of you always and cheering you on! I read all of your posts but my computer has not let me through to leave a message lately. Loved your video because I could finally see your sparkling personality and lovely smile. I admire all of the choices you are making and know that "Herman" is getting ready to vacate the premises!!!

  2. Hello Jessica, I read about your story on Thank you for telling your story, you are a good writer and I appreciate letting a stranger like me into your life. I filled out The Ellen Show form; I hope you'll get to tell your story to Ellen on TV.

  3. I'm proud of you Jessica.

  4. Jessica, I'm wondering if the feeling you had was triggered by the lidocaine they were using to numb you. There are two kinds of lidocaine, one with epinephrine and one without...sometimes epinephrine can trigger a feeling of panic with racing heart and a lot of the symptoms your were describing. I always remind my dentist and anyone else who's coming at me with lidocaine that I hate the feeling epinephrine gives me...avoid it!!


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