Monday, January 9, 2012

No More Fishy Blender

Oh dear friends, YIKES, the MRI is on Friday!!! Danny and I are trying another fast today, we stopped eating at about 8:00 pm last night, so I'm hoping to make it to 8:00 am tomorrow morning. It's great to get another jump on things. My favorite part of fasting is not having to worry about cooking, or going to the grocery store. It's also handy because my blender is on the fritz. Here's the problems with the blender:

In Order Of Importance:
1. It stinks like old fish oil. GROSS.
2. The blades are mangled so they don't blend things well
3. Even after five minutes, there are solid chunks of bananas
4. The blender sounds like a racing motorcycle, sporadic and uncomfortably high pitched
5. Did I mention the fish smell
5. Did I mention the inability to blend even the softest of a banana?!?

So, after receiving an email from Meghan (my girl friend who is managing Hope For Jess on Etsy), saying that a few more art pieces have sold, I can finally buy us a TurboBlend Vitamix!!! Yay!!!

For those who are not familiar, the Vitamix blenders (there are several types) are so powerful that they can blend whole almonds into almond butter. You can grind whole grains into a powder. These machines are AMAZING! I'm mostly excited to have superb green drinks where I won't have to gag down chunks of broccoli and kale. Kale is very scratchy on the throat, and always triggers my gag reflex. I need to eat 5-7 servings of power packed veggies each day to keep the inflammation down in my body, and green drinks do such a great job of packing the goodies. Thank you to everyone who has bought art, or donated to my account. I truly appreciate it so much!! There is such a relief, knowing that I can pay for certain bills, or purchase necessary things (like a powerful blender - that has a 7 year warranty!).

On a side note, my mom gave me a little bird feeder to place outside our living room window. I've been watching for the past two days and birds have no idea that there's a delicious treat out there. How do I get birds to swing by? Any ideas?

My Lonely Bird Feeder


  1. OK here's what you do: first go outside, then with a chirping voice holler 'here birdy birdy, here birdy birdy'. Believe me, this should do the trick. :) mom

  2. Hey Jess,
    I've been reading your blog and have been making your signature smoothie and actually kind of like it. I've probably had it 8 times in the last 3 weeks. My wife has started complaining about the fish smell in the blender too so now I'm only allowed to mix the fish oil directly in the glass with a spoon. I just though you would find that kind of funny. :-) By the way, I think the way to get birds is to put something you don't want pooped on under the feeder. That will get them there for sure!

  3. A little trick I use with cleaning my blender.
    After the blender has done it's "job" I rinse
    out and add water half full. Add a tiny bit
    of dishwashing soap and turn the blender back on
    until the soap has bubbled up to the top.... Let run a half minute and re-rinse (alot). It's like a self cleaning spin. Works great - and no smell left.
    Have a great day......... as far as your new little feeder goes...... Once one little bird discovers it - the word will chirped around and you will have more than you ......... wished for?......


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