Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hungry Girl

Good Morning World! I just walked into the kitchen, and passed by the flowers Dan sent me on our anniversary on the 20th. I've trimmed down the bunch and pulled out the fallen soldiers, and still, this little bunch powers through. These precious flowers have lasted 15 days. That seems like some sort of miracle, and each day, several times, I smile.

So, last night, Danny and I, after dinner decided that we're going to start a 36 hour fast. We figured it would be a great way to jump start the final days before the MRI. I have to tell on myself, we definitely ate some fun foods this past weekend, and drank some fun drinks. But, now we're back on track and working for ketosis. The fast was recommended by a friend through the blog, and we figured, "Why not!?" I hope Danny's functioning at work okay. I feel like it's harder for him to skip meals than it is for me. I'm hungry though, and that should be a sign that Dan's body must think he's dying :) 

Each morning, when I wake up, I turn on my phone and there is always a text from Dan. It can be something as simple as XOXOXO. Today, this is what it said, "Morning sweetness!!! Have a good day. I hope you don't get too hungry today :). My stomach is nervous, "Where's my morning snack?", "What's going on here?" I hope Danny doesn't mind that I shared his text (outing the world to his soft side), but I just thought it was so funny! What a great man that he optioned to join me on my fast. He's such a wonderful partner in crime!

I have to admit, I'm relieved to not have to plan for dinner. We are scarily low on veggies, I think we have a head of broccoli and that's it. Well, that and some garlic. Maybe I'll walk over to PCC and stock up, but I'm nervous. We all know what happens when a hungry girl goes to the grocery store. 

That reminds me, if any of you have recipes that follow the following guidelines, I always love suggestions!

No dairy
No meat
No salt 
No flour
No sugar (not even natural sweeteners, only fruit is allowed)
No white potatoes

.....I hope I'm remembering all the do-not-eat foods.

Points For (in no particular order):
Mushrooms (double points for maitake & shiitake)
Bok choy

Thanks for the help! 


  1. It's on my long list of yummy looking recipes to make.


  2. One of my favorite healthy veggie meals, aside from whole wheat pita pockets stuffed with grilled veggies, is "calabacitas".

    It's a Mexican dish that consists of onions, garlic, zucchini and squash with corn. You can add stuff as you'd like. I add spinach and jalapenos. You can also get fancy and serve this on top of a grilled portabello or inside a roasted poblano pepper. miss you love!!

  3. I recommend the book 80/10/10 by Dr. Doug Graham (sports Dr., not an M.D.), and the website 30bananasaday.com. What an inspiring and courageous journey you've been on! Cheers.


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