Thursday, January 12, 2012


It's the eve of my MRI. Jeez, that went by quickly! I can't help but be nervous and excited. I can't say what we will see tomorrow, but whatever the outcome, I know it will be a great day. Each MRI brings me back to the diagnosis, and the surgeries. I feel lucky to be alive, and grateful for the amazing life I've lived just in the past 21 months. Thank you to everyone who's reading this. Thank you for supporting me, and lifting me up. As far as burdens are concerned, I'm grateful that this is mine to bear. With all of you with me I feel strong and capable. Fingers crossed for health, and our future!


  1. Jess,
    I will be sending more prayers, hugs, love and positive thoughts your way! You have gone after this tumor like a warrier, and I hope you get the news that you have demolished it tomorrow!

    We LOVE you!
    Sarah, Joey, Tyler & Kailtyn

  2. Thoughts and prayers with you today, Jess!

  3. We're thinking about you today Jess! xoxo Terese and Family


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