Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pray For RJ

Thanks for the help putting things into perspective. After talking to my think tank, we have decided to revamp my dosing schedule. Now we're looking at 3 days of high doses, twice a day. Then I'll have four days off. On the days off, the first day will be high doses of curcumin & piperine, then twenty minutes later I'll do a power packed smoothie with upland cress, and daikon radish. About three hours later I'll do another smoothie - same kind. A few hours after that I'll take a bunch of shark liver oil. Then on the next three days I'll start off with the upland cress each morning, and eat the regular healthy diet per usual. It's going to be much easier to know that Monday - Wednesday is high doses, Thursday is curcumin-ITCs-shark liver oil, Friday - Sunday is ITC shake in the AM and regular healthy food for the rest of the day.

I'm a creature of habit, and this schedule makes me happy. It feels manageable. I shouldn't admit this, but even when I go to the hospital for MRIs, I always go back to the same bathroom stalls. Weird huh.

Enough about me. I just hopped on Facebook, and I saw something that broke my heart. Please take a look. This little boy is fighting a neuroblastoma. Horrible, horrible stuff. This poor sweet little child is so strong to go through these horrible procedures. This just breaks my heart:

Photo taken on 1/22/12
Photo taken on 1/27/12

Here is a link to the website where you can donate if you have the means: DONATE FOR RJ

To help share the story on Facebook, here the link: RJ "Tough Guy" Kaufman - Kickin' Cancer's Butt 1 Day At A Time

For the record, I don't know this family, I was just so touched by RJ's story. Please help me pray for him, and support him in any way you can. I can't imagine having to go through this as his mother. 

Ok, gotta go. I've got my first official volunteering day at the retirement community. I'm starting off by painting fingernails, then heading to the memory center where I get to help with sittercise. We're doing group exercise from a sitting position. I'm so excited! 

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