Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sniffle...I'm Jessica

Yesterday was awesome! Until I fell.

So, yesterday, I had another doctor appointment. After looking at a map, I decided that since the office was only three miles away, and my luck with buses hasn't been that great, I would run to my appointment.

Everything was going smoothly, my little MP3 player was all loaded up and plugged in my ears. I also had my new phone with a mapping system to show me the way.

Under I5 - Green Lake

As I was running I kept recognizing the beauty all around Seattle. The weather is so temperate, and gorgeous, even when it's gray. Seattle has the ability to sooth you. 

Ravenna Area?

The course taking me to the doctor was through neighborhoods that I've never seen. Such beautiful Tudor style homes, and fun, windy little streets. Quiet little places. 

Capturing My Love Affair With Moss

I was minding my business, according to the map on my phone I was less than a few blocks away, when my left leg gave out on me and I collapsed. I hit the ground with my left knee, then my left hip, and my left elbow, while my left shoulder made a crack. My right hand tried to help brace me, but it was practically an afterthought. Worst of all, my new phone that Danny had so graciously gifted me, was shattered.

My adrenalin was through the roof, and I felt completely confused, was I having a seizure?!? I stood up, and leaned against a concrete wall trying to get my vision back on track. Everything looked overexposed, and I couldn't tell if the ground was solid. It was weird. Right then, my phone rang and it was Jessaca - perfect timing. I sort of talk/sobbed and told her what happened, being a mother I think she wanted to come over and bandage me up and give me a cookie or something. Gotta love moms. I would have gladly let her baby me, I was pretty shaken up.

Fallen Soldier

Luckily, although the screen on my new phone is shattered, it still works! Phew. I knew I didn't deserve a super sweet phone, I'm too much of a klutz. I apologized over and over to Danny, but he didn't even care about the phone he was just glad I was okay. I'm still mad at myself though. Stupid feet! No that's not true, I love you feet, but seriously, did you not realize the cargo you were carrying?!?!

I waited at the doctor's office, and when the nurse brought me to the back room for my visit, I hobbled behind her. This was my first appointment with a possible new GP (one that my medical will cover). When he came into the room and said hello, I started crying like a middle schooler that just got teased in the lunch room. Awkward! His eyes got really big and he brought over a tissue and asked what was wrong. I told him, "I had been having problems figuring out the buses....baby sob....so I decided to run to my appointment...second sob...and just a few blocks back...sob again...my left leg gave out...sob...and I fell. I'm sorry....sniffle....I'm Jessica....it's nice to meet you."


  1. Oh I hate it that you fell. It was a full moon, maybe that had something to do with it. Hope you're better today and that the doctor was nice and you liked him. xoxox

  2. Jessica, sweetie, you remind me of other TCU horned frogs!!!I had to laugh as I teared up reading your account of jogging to the doctor. You told it so bravely and daring. I pray for you all the time. xoxo, Kathy Luthringer

  3. Glad you're okay! I could really see myself doing that.


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