Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Three Of Mes

I'm so exhausted all of the time. I only have the energy to do a few important things during the day. I've fallen off the face of the earth for most of my long distance friends, and I apologize. I can't juggle things like I used to. I don't have the energy to be on the phone and discuss things. I can never catch up with my emails. I feel like I'm often floating around in a blurry haze. Even though I sleep on average 9 hours a night, I'm never caught up. I don't know if I'll ever be the same. I used to hit the gym at 5:00am, work all day, get home, talk on the phone with friends, cook, clean the house, etc. I feel crazy, unable to accomplish the things that I need to, and each day it gets worse, more and more things piling up. It's like a sensory overload, and my lack of ability to prioritize, focus, and find energy leads me to be exhausted, frustrated, and disappointed in myself. I don't know how to manage. I need three of me.

Off to bed.


  1. Go easy on yourself and know you've got lots of support to help you with the things you can't keep up on. Even if its just understanding from friends that come over about the fact that your house may not always be spotless.

  2. Years ago Mark & Jeanine Earnhart gave me the book: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. As I read I see that much of it is recognizing which exactly is the small stuff. Writing a new post is not small stuff, it is a way to communicate with more people than you probably realize are reading your blog (hey folks comment as an anonymous, saying something like I read your blog.). You are cooking and cleaning and working and still talking only now you're writing too. Plus you turned 30! I hope you can focus on the things you do accomplish during the day and feel good to you. Rachelle is right, you do have a good supportive group of friends. xoxoxooxox

  3. Jess.....
    Remember that you only have two things you HAVE to do today..

    Breath In.....

    Breath Out......
    Ahhhh the simplicity of it all...

  4. Listen to your friends. I felt tired for a long time. It takes time for the body to heal and do it's thing. Have you tried yoga? At least the breathing part. You will get there, don't worry so much. :) Jim


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