Sunday, November 28, 2010

One Little Indiscretion

Tomorrow morning I start my next phase of speech therapy. I'll be traveling over to Seattle every Monday for the next six weeks. Fortunately, Danny has a 4-wheel drive vehicle that can easily conquer the passes.

Hopefully my full stomach will subside by morning. I'm in a food haze. Like most, I ate too much and I'm still hurting. Although my family had an extremely healthy organic feast, I still ate things that I don't usually consume. I had been really good about avoiding sugar (other than whole fruits), but my mom made an apple pie with raisins and an orange glaze that I couldn't resist. It was unbelievable. I even went back for seconds on Friday. Here's the problem, after I relaxed my food guidelines, I ended up eating all kinds of other things over the weekend. Food is a slippery slope, and one little indiscretion can snowball things pretty quickly.

At least tomorrow is a new day. Each day is an opportunity to start fresh and get back on track.


  1. Jesse, it's your mom's fault! If she weren't such a gourmet chef, baker, and canner, you wouldn't be tempted. She makes something fantastic, and of course you're going to go back for more. Who wouldn't? But then it's gone and because it was so good you keep looking for it or something that will suffice, but nothing does and then you come to your senses and know you must "start fresh and get back on track." We all need to heed that thought. xoxox

  2. I just realized, I lost 25 lbs on a diet where I used a website called Not everyone on there is just trying to lose weight and they have "food support groups" you might enjoy. I wonder if there is a group on there you might find helpful and supportive that might have more tips for you specific to avoiding toxins and cleansing foods (the sight has articles about today being a new day. . . ) If you want to check it out and see its free! I'm NRGishere


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