Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Neuro Testing Results

Tomorrow I get the results of the neuro testing from last month. Woo hoo! The testing was pretty interesting, fun even, although at the time I was a little stressed about the MRI. The first day of testing began the day before the MRI, which wasn't ideal timing but that's the soonest they could fit me in.

The testing had the basics that you'd expect, timed math, memory cards, definitions, spelling, reading comprehension, pronunciation, and things of that nature. It also had some pretty interesting segments that included blindfolded three dimensional puzzles. They had me do the exact same puzzle (always blindfolded) starting with only the use of my right hand, then again with my left hand, and finally I was able to use both hands.

There were drawing tests where I had ten seconds to memorize an image and then I was expected to draw it. As the time went on, the pictures became more and more difficult. Things were color coded, and things got hairy from there. It was a whirlwind of testing. Anyway, the testing was interesting, and the scoring will be incredibly interesting to hear about. I'm excited!

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