Monday, November 8, 2010

Victorious Secret

Above is a photo of my soccer team Victorious Secret, which started up recently. During last week's game I took a serious hit to my kisser. Instantly, my eyes started watering and I walked toward the edge of the arena. The blow was pretty hard, and I was incredibly shaken up. It wasn't the pain, although it did happen to split the inside of my lip, that scared me. It was the fear of the possible damage to my brain.

Although, I'm recovering pretty quickly from the blow, I still have a headache which scares me. Since the surgeries, I've been reluctant to give up the things that I love. Probably since I've been told time and again that quality of life is the most important thing; which I took to mean, do what makes you happy. I guess, now, after getting blasted in the face, I'm starting to wonder if maybe my quality of life isn't just about the here and now.

I don't want to rattle my brain that has so lovingly carried me out of the abyss. There are always things that we desire that aren't good for us, and for me, that just might be soccer.

According to my doctors, the only option would be to wear a helmet, which is exactly what my parents urged me to do in the first place. The style of helmet would be a soft helmet that wraps around the head and has a guard along the face. If that's not embarrassing I don't know what is. I guess the joke is on me. I don't remember our last season of soccer to be such a contact sport, and I wasn't expecting it to be so aggressive - at least not at this level of play. Unfortunately, I think in an adult women's league we're probably even more aggressive than most professionals, but without the insane soccer skills. After my doctors told me that a helmet is necessary, several of the girls from the team offered to wear them with me (ski, and bike helmets that they already have) but apparently hard shell helmets are against league regulations. They tried to join me and that's all that matters. I've got a pretty great group of friends!

With that blow to the face, my body, and the world, is reminding me that I'm only six months out of surgery and that I need to tread lightly.


  1. Yup, Jessica darling, treading lightly is still a good idea, in my opinion. I started back to teaching piano shortly after returning to the valley from tests and treatment on the west side. It proved to be too much, too soon, and under the counsel of my doctors and with the support of friends and students alike, I have backed off and will rest until the first of the year, when the chemo is over, and we plan to have the "complete remission" CT scan in hand. Now that I have slowed down, I can feel how much I needed this rest and time. You will find your own way with energy and activity levels - just listen to your body.

    Also, however scary it was to get bonked in the head, I suspect your brain is just fine! I'd treat it as a "wake up call" only.

    By the way, I've gotta love a team name like Victorious Secret!! : )

    Hugs ever,
    Dee Dee

  2. Maybe the whole Victorious Secret team can don pink helmets, keeping in mind any one of you could get smacked upside the head or get a split lip. After all, it's one for all and all for one. Right? Plus, you're high energy, you need to keep running around kicking ass, oops, balls . . .


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