Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Key Ingredients

My first successful dinner made from scratch (since before the surgeries). Mahi Mahi on a bed of red quinoa, Peruvian beans (used my pressure cooker - thank you Ash!), shredded kale with garlic, mushrooms with onions, purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes (I can't believe that they're still hanging on in my garden), and green chillies.

For the first time while cooking, I didn't cut myself, burn anything, or forget any key ingredients.

Over the past several months my cooking has been pretty hit or miss. I often resort to steamed broccoli, or pan seared veggies as an entire meal. Sometimes, when I'm full of energy, I'll chop up a bunch of veggies into a quinoa salad with a dab of tahini, but that's about as complicated as I get. 

Not the other night though. I'm sure it was nice for Danny to be treated. For months now, he's been doing the majority of the cooking. Although, as I'm looking back at the pictures, I basically did the same thing that I usually do except I separated them out into bowls. Oh well. Like I said, I didn't hurt myself, burn anything, or forget any key ingredients. And we ate at the dinner table.



  1. Quinoa is so good! I just made some the other night for the first time with lots of crunchy veggies and chicken. Tasty :)

  2. Oh man, it looks delicious! Lucky Danny. xoxo

  3. That looks mouth watering!! You can cook again, just in time for the holidays!!!

  4. That looks delicious! Great photo's too.


  5. Well, you're doing better than me on this one! I always, drop something, break something, burn myself, or leave out a vital ingredient - no diagnosed anything! You go girl!


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