Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jess is Juicing Again

Uh oh. If you remember a year or so ago, my mom surprised me with a juicer. I continued to create the most nasty concoctions, liquid evil, that would make even the most open minded health food fanatic cringe and scold me. In this new phase, I've decided to follow recipes, and you know what, those little juice chefs really know what they're doing! My first juice was DELICIOUS. I am addicted to a place called Thrive in Seattle. It's a raw vegan establishment, serving my favorite juices, including spicy shots of various greens. I used to favor a different type of liquid lunch (and still do from time to time), but now I've become a complete juice head.

It's interesting, I've never liked juice. Boxed, canned, or bottled juices are all so gross, they're too sweet, and I feel like they're not even good for you - there's too much sugar and yuck, don't even think about the preservatives. I used to laugh, and tease my girlfriends in college, "I don't drink juice unless there's champagne in it." Now, I've created a juice so delicious that it tastes better than a mimosa! I swear. If you don't have a juicer, and you live near, I'll make it for you and I promise it'll open your eyes.

My hijacked recipe.....
Better Than A Mimosa (serves two)
10 Carrots
1 Granny Smith Apple
1 Inch of Ginger

I'm excited to play around with my other ingredients. Juicing is so much fun! Dan doesn't seem to be quite as excited. He's more of a meat and potato kind of fella. He's a great sport, always allowing me to shove all sorts of concoctions and recipes down his throat, never complaining, but I know he needs more substance. I'll let you know how things turn out with the other juices. I think I'm going to make a dinner drink too...poor Danny.

Also, on another note. I was thinking about it last night, as I was trying to fall asleep, I'm sorry if I'm annoying. Sometimes I wonder if I sound too cheesy. Or I wonder if it sounds like I'm bragging about how wonderful my life is. My only hope, if that's how I sound, is that you feel the same way about your life. I've gone through a real gamut (engagement, calling off a wedding, marriage, divorce, getting fat, losing weight, etc), and I probably sound completely nuts, but this is the best part of my life so far. Undeniably, I am incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful husband, kind family, overflowing network of fabulous friends, and those things along with my happy disposition (which has not always been the case) have catapulted me into a position where I believe I have the best life I could possibly imagine. Life is perfect, elephant in the room not included. Life is quite complicated, but the things that truly make me happy are very simple. It's been a great lesson for me to learn.


  1. Oh Jess, you are such a breath of fresh air. Everything you write is from the heart. I love reading your blog - you remind me to step back and look at all the good things in life. I wish I could get my 28 year old son to look at life from your eyes! Keep up the good work. Much love, Debbie C

  2. Never annoying...always inspiring. Your recognition of beauty and joy helps us all seek the same in our own lives.

  3. Jess - I am so glad that you write this blog. You are teaching, captivating, sharing and learning and we get to share it all with you. Your blogs are like the waves of the ocean. You share info and feelings and we share back. The waves come in and the waves go out. Sometimes you make us feel better and sometimes hopefully we make you feel better. And..never ever annoying. You cannot know how much your sharing makes me think about what is important in life - each day. God bless you Jess. Your friend Jim in Wisconsin.

  4. Hi Jess...I'm sorry I don't respond more often, but I do try to when I'm really moved. This is one of those times. You said you hope you're not annoying and I just wanted to give you some perspective. I'm rather an internet addict. I'm constantly online - whether at my desk or mobile, and I must admit I subscribe to nearly 50 blogs/RSS Feeds. I read them as much as I can...to learn about my industry, about social media, about cooking/health etc. But there are only two that I have go to my email. One is work related, and one is yours. Whenever I see an entry of yours on my email, I read it as soon as possible. Your insights are so fantastic - the good, the bad, and the ugly and the beautiful...I so respect you and your journey - it truly speaks to me. Don't doubt what you write - it's awesome!
    Also fyi, I just took your art to Annie's Frame Shop in Ballard - I can't wait to hang it!
    Thanks for sharing yourself with the rest of us...Ann

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quote from you, "Life is quite complicated, but the things that truly make me happy are very simple." I've been noticing and trying to appreciate this idea more and more.


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