Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ahead of Ourselves

Yesterday, my adorable little niece and I created our morning green drink. We added a banana, and then stuffed the blender with handfuls of kale. Then, poured some water in the base and Isla flipped the switch. We watched the drink swirl, and as it chopped, I pulled orange flavored fish oil out of the fridge. I love young children because they don't have any preconceived notions. She never said, "Gross! Fish oil?" like an older child might have. I unscrewed the top, sniffed it, and said, "Yummy! Smells like fresh oranges." I passed the glass over to Isla, and she agreed. When the drink was finished blending, we poured it into a large pint glass, adding two tablespoons of the fish oil. We stirred it together and tried a taste. Isla loved it, so I poured a glass just for her. If you look closely in the photo above, you can see the green goo on the sides of her mouth.

It's always fun hanging out with Isla. She's adorable, and hilarious, always willing to try new things. I'm incredibly disappointed that Hermie grew. The day before the MRI, Danny looked at me, smiling, and asked, "If the MRI is good, how many good MRIs will it take before we can make a baby?" Obviously, we were getting ahead of ourselves. That's hard to swallow.

Also, I should clarify from the previous post that my doctor does not agree that the tumor areas are less dense - that is just our opinion.


  1. Beautiful photo of Isla and what a good ah-tie to turn her on to such healthy food. The look in her eyes and that sweet grin says she adores you.

  2. Hi Jess, Just want you to know my prayers are with you and I am so sorry to hear that Hermi has had growth. Know that I believe that your diet is a great therapy as well as your positive spirit/attitude. You have created an incredible web site for everyone and a great resource for others with cancer, bless you!!! I have copied some of your drink recipies and plan on trying them. Not sure I can do the beet drink, but will think about it, LOL! My love and positive vibes are being sent to you via air waves - you will catch them in the wind as they blow through your hair. Take care dear, Lisa Zielinski

  3. "So Cal" PattiApril 23, 2012 at 6:13 PM

    It's understandable that you are disappointed right now but don't get disheartened! Keep focusing on getting rid of Hermie so that your body will be ready for a baby! Negative out- positive in!!! Constantly visualize Hermie gone- that's what I do when I send thoughts and prayers your way!


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