Sunday, September 19, 2010

We Did It!!!

My body hurts the way it used to back in the day of my half marathons. In fact, I've already taken two naps today! It was weird to see my 10 minute mile (literally it was exactly a 10:00 minute mile average), especially since I was truly pushing myself as hard as I could. Long past, are the days of a 7, 8 or 9 minute mile.

Boy has my running life changed. I used to train with sprints, long runs, interval runs and insane cross training. Now, I'm just grateful to run without walking. During the race, I put a good game face on, but inside I was about to die right around the 4 mile mark.

At the end of the race, just before the pedestrian bridge, I started to worry about having a seizure. I was so exhausted, I was practically panting. I had spotted the rest of our group (that did the 5k) in the distance. I was grateful for our t-shirts because it was much easier to spot them! About a half mile north of the finish line I kicked it up a notch. Our group of 10k-ers started running even faster to catch up, and we found our original team. They cheered us on, giving us the burst of energy we needed to cross the finish line.

Thankfully, I ran across the finish line healthy, happy, in fact THRILLED and so incredibly grateful for our crew! There is no way that I could have finished this race without all of the support. In fact, if Danny, Annie, Michelle, Kristin, Cari and Heather hadn't have done the 10k right by my side I would have walked long before the finish line. Good thing I'm stubborn and competitive. I didn't want to drag anyone down, so I powered through and played it "cool."

I want to personally thank the members of Team Jess. Many walked, many ran, and many cheered us on in person and in spirit! We even had teammates that are in other states, and even other countries. The support carried me through, and I'm constantly surprised by my wonderful friends and family!

Here are some fun photos from the race:


  1. Jessica-
    What an awesome day! I am so glad I was part of team Jess. I am already anxiously awaiting my next run. Thanks for being a wonderful and encouraging friend.

  2. What a great time we had being part of Team Jess. Walking it with quite a few others gave us time to talk and admire all the beautiful landscaping and sculptures -- especially the big boulder with a cat face that is exactly like Bently (Bon~Bon's cat). But the highlight was when Team Jess' Jess came jogging by along with Danny and some darling girl (sorry) then more darling girls and they were all in smiles (and panting and sweaty . . .). It was a great time and a deliciously wonderful party afterwards. Go Team Jess! xoxoxoxoxox

  3. "So Cal" PattiSeptember 20, 2010 at 7:12 PM

    The pictures are great and I am so proud of you and your team! Wish that I could have been there to meet all of you and cheer you on. I'm glad you mentioned that there are many of us on Team Jess from other states and countries. I have been on your team since I read your first blog and will continue to be so! You are a constant inspiration to all of us!!!

  4. Jessica and Danny
    Thank you so much for allowing Andre` and I to be on Team Jess. What an honor! So this may be hard to believe but neither Andre` or I have been in any distance event. So you two are responsible for our first 5K. Ok we did finish dead last in our age groups but we finished. Thanks to Mr. Eastman for pointing our places out to us! We had a blast (for the most part the blood in the socks caused some concern) and I will not forget you coming up behind us on your 10K trek. It took a little to get us all together for the cheering section being we were spread out 20 or 30 yards Also priceless was you pushing Grandma across the finish line. We want you autograph on our numbers and they will be framed as part of our first marathon with Team Jess. Next time I will prep for the big day closer to Danny’s routine. I now know the night before hydration is a key training step. Until the next race CHEERS!

  5. Jess you were AMAZING. Give yourself some credit where it's due missy! You have plenty of time to get back into the running world and I would say you made a hell of an entrance! But maybe next time if you feel any possibility of a SEIZURE, you might tell miss annoying cheerleader to shut the hell up. ;) But thank you so much for letting my be a part of your support, it meant the WORLD to me (really)!! Wish I was doing the Octoberfest with everyone! I'm way too chicken to run a half just yet and I haven't reached the "honored speed" to be part of a team yet . . . HA!

  6. Jess, Randy and I had a blast being on team Jess. Like Rich and Andre, this was my first distance event. It is thanks to you that I got to have a "new experience". I have a t-shirt that says "when was the last time you did something for the first time?". Now I can add the 5 k to my "first time/new experience" list. Thanks!!! We are soooo proud of you. Let's us know when the next event is and we would love to be there.


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