Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shirts Are Ordered! Yay!

UPDATE: All 19 shirts are ordered!

Danny and I just finished designing the race shirts. The cost is going to be about $25 each. It is kind of a lot of money but they are really fun, and I think we'll get a lot of use out of them. People don't have to buy the shirts to be a part of our team, the shirts are just icing on the cake if you're interested.

If anyone else wants to buy a shirt, let me know because I'm ordering them tomorrow afternoon (the 8th). So far we've got 14 on the roster (some doing the 10k, some doing the 5k, and others as cheerleaders). 

And yep, that IS my actual brain scan. Out of eight images on my first MRI CD, Danny and I picked out this one. Just wait until you see it up close. It's kind of creepy. The weirdest part is when the images hit through a slide show of the layers of my brain. It's almost like a flip book.


  1. Hey Jess! If you get this today before the order I would love a shirt. Size medium. I am not running the River Run, but actually doing the Salmon Run the following day so I will wear it then. And probably during the Oktoberfest Half as well. My phone number is 393-9518 or my email is saradeason@live.com. Let me know if you get this and how I can get the money to you.

    Also, you continue to amaze me everyday. Everytime I run I think of you. Take care!


  2. Hey babe! Please order me a shirt if you can. I would love to have one. I love you so much and am following you all the time. I can send you the cost tomorrow. Mwahh!!

  3. I think I can I think I can.... and I will! The shirt will help me keep running - I can feel it already.

  4. I know I am really late BUT I want one!!! I signed up for the Seattle Half Marathon and would love to wear it!!! xo, Meghan.


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