Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Book Club

I'm sitting in my office (which is the dining table), drinking a deliciously fresh cup of coffee. It's sunny. I had a great night sleep. And yet, I'm still feeling that slight twinge of uneasiness. Kind of like nerves before a date. Instead of having a biological clock ticking, I have a MRI clock ticking.

I'm doing a pretty good job of focusing on the important things. For example, the book club is meeting at my house tonight. Usually, I would go crazy cleaning. Hitting the usuals like vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the bathroom - and the other not so usual spots like the baseboard, rinsing light bulbs, organizing shelves in the kitchen, spot polishing silverware and dishes. These days, instead of being anal retentive about cleanliness when I have guests, I'm just taking it easy.

Yes, I'll clean the bathroom, but no, I'm probably not going to clean the baseboard. I'm actually looking at the baseboard right now and it's completely hideous. It's really disgusting, so I might actually clean that. But maybe not. I don't think any of the girls will care if I have dusty baseboard. I guess, people aren't going to judge me by a dusty baseboard. And if they are, they're definitely going to find more things to judge, and that would be impossible to prevent.

Back that that awesome mantra: Just enjoy life, and breathe.

...and maybe go clean that baseboard. Seriously. It's gross.


  1. I agree. No one cares about the baseboards. The being together is what counts.

  2. Jessica, my son sent me the link to your blog. I guess you have met my daughter-in-law thur her friends Sarah and Joey who live in E. Wenatchee. My husband and I have a house at the end of Turtle Rock Road. Our main house is in Everett, but we are at the river almost every weekend. My best friend and her husband, Kim and Dave, just purchased the house next door to you. When my son found out he and his wife told me about you and your cancer. I too have cancer, multiple myeloma. My husband did a blog through all my procedures as well. I thought it was great when you said you were having a slumber party with the girls because my girlfriends and I did the same at the house next door to you just this last weekend. I hope we weren't to loud!!! Anyway, hang in there. Friends are the best medicine!!! I hope to meet you one day.


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