Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Goodness In Life

One thing about this blog is that it allows me to purge my feelings, and my fears. Once I put it in the blog I'm able to walk away, literally, and go out and live my life. It's a type of therapy for me. I guess we all have different coping mechanisms in life, and mine is writing.

At every turn, the world keeps showing me the goodness in life. With this diagnosis, I still believe that nothing is too wonderful to be true!


  1. Reading these thoughts of yours today makes my day. Thanks Jess. xo

  2. Have I told you lately you are amazing? Seriously. :-)And like Patti said in her comment yeserday, you need something and Team Jess is on it!

  3. I cant even start to express Jess to you, how your blog has touched my life and how YOU have made such a huge impact on me. You are the most amazing and beautiful woman (inside & out) I have ever met. You were givin a gift, the gift of being able to touch people's lives, give people hope and put a smile on people's faces. Ever since you were young you have had this quality, and you have to know in your heart, you are so original so unique that you were destined for something BIG. God has a plan for every single one of us, and yours will be far from normal:) I know everything happens for a reason, and I know it must be scary as hell not knowing what the future holds, but just know you have us all behind you 100%. Jess you are such an amazing woman. I love you! Xoxoxoxo


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