Monday, September 20, 2010

Sara's Salmon Run

My friend Sara did the Salmon Run in Leavenworth yesterday. She emailed me and wrote, "I proudly wore my Team Jess shirt today at the Salmon Run.  It definitely helped me through 1.5 miles of almost constant up hill!" What a sweet thing to say!!

Sara and I met at Gold's gym. Last winter, we were part of a crazy crew that went to a 5:00am exercise class twice a week. I hope that with patience and time, I'll get my speed and distance back so that I can run my little butt off the way the Sara does.

Sara at the Salmon Run yesterday:

Sara was making fun of herself because of all the sweat in the photo but I think it's awesome! It just shows her hard work. Thank you Sara. You're an inspiration!


  1. Nice work Sara. Maybe we can all run the next race together. I was nice meeting you and your dog on Saturay. Glad you had a good run - and nice shirt! :)

  2. Thanks Jenny! It was great meeting you too and the next race all together sounds good to me. I told Jess that my Team Jess shirt has many more races in its future. :-)


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