Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Endless Human Kindness

I had an amazing email pop up in my inbox last night. It was from the Charity Outreach Coordinator at CustomLink.com (the t-shirt company that we just ordered from). She noticed my t-shirt design and wanted to donate to my fund. Although she felt bad that it was "only" $20, I was completely blown away. Twenty dollars is still twenty dollars! I'm so honored and grateful that she initiated the donation.

I'm pretty stubborn and sometimes embarrassed about receiving help financially. My mom often reminds me of what I was like as child, constantly saying with a grin, "I do it mommy, I do it." Of course, I was usually wanting to help her with things like folding laundry, which she later had to do again the proper way (a two year old tends to do more of a roll or a wad than a fold).

Anyway (sorry, my middle name should be digress), I'm so blown away by the kindness of others. Every single day I have an amazing interaction with at least one person. An unforgettable moment that hangs with me. I have an amazing life, and because of this tumor I'm learning more and more about endless human graciousness. I'm learning how to follow the lead of those that I respect, trying to emulate their kindness and generosity of spirit.

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