Thursday, May 23, 2013


I've probably said this several times, about several places, but Winston Salem is definitely God's country, one of the most lovely places on Earth with matching people. We are having a BLAST.

The appointment with Dr Lesser went smashing. He and the radiologist believe there is no reason for concern. Sweet! It was wonderful meeting with Dr Glenn Lesser, he is open minded, clearly educated and interested, helpful with resources and just great to speak with. Definitely an ally in our corner.

Most of all, though, has been the interaction with Take The Fight. My sweet Lindsey was out of town for a bit so Andy & Lawson sat in and helped during our appointment. It's amazing having medically knowledgable minds to ask questions.

Winston Salem is full of the most kind people, Dan and I are having so much fun. Especially with these nut yarn ball storms. SERIOUS. This is an immediate photo...


  1. 'nut yarn balls'? you made that up!!!!

    Your Pop and I are jumping with joy. We are so happy with Dr Lesser's opinion of the MRI...yea & hip-hip-hurray

    We love you for ever and ever amen.

  2. So glad to hear how well it's going!



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